5 Great Dog Parks Along Miami’s Oceanfront

By: Bashair Shakir

Walking your dog while taking in the beautiful scenery doesn’t make it seem like a tedious task. What’s better than having a view of the ocean or even walking with your dog near the beachfront. Miami is known for its beaches, palm trees, and sunny weather. Sometimes it’s hard to find the ideal park for your dog depending on their personality. Here is a list of parks along Miami’s coastline that include dog zones that are open for you and your dog to run free and have fun.

1. North Shore Open Space Park

8328 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

This park is open from as early as eight in the morning to seven in the evening so you and your dog can go out before it gets busy or even watch the sunsetting on the beach. This park also features a barbeque and picnic area. You can also enjoy a variety cuisine by the ocean at a walking distance from the park.

2. South Point Park Pier

1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

This park offers an amazing view of the ocean as well as Fisher and Dodge island. It’s the perfect place to walk your dog and watch the sunset. It’s also a short walking distance to downtown Miami and a five-minute walk to the beach.

3. Haulover Park Miami Beach

10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

This is a 99-acre park that features an enclosed off-leash bark park. This park is near several beaches in an urban area so there is a lot of exploring to do beyond the park while your dog is on its leash.

4. Pine Tree Park

4400 Pine Tree Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33140

The park features a gated dog zone separated for large and small dogs. It has a spectacular view of the waterfront and has plenty of shade. It’s a short drive to the Miami Beach city center and is a 16-minute walk to the beach. You cannot only let your dog off the leash in a safe zone, but you can also enjoy the view and breeze the park has to offer.

5. Margret Pace Park

1745 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132

This park is near a bayside walking path and features a large off-leash dog park. The quiet and friendly environment is perfect to take your dog for a walk at any time of the day. In addition, they have large basketball and tennis courts and more for you to stay active as well.

Whichever park you choose make sure to come prepared with cleanup bags for your dog in case the dog zone doesn’t include them. Check out their websites for the hours and rules and if there is no information available be sure you keep your dog on the leash unless it says otherwise. In addition, you can check out other dog parks and many other opportunities for sports and recreation by visiting our Miami Activities Directory.