100+ Activities & Things To Do in Miami, FL

By: Rachel Lombardo

A List Of The Best Places To Enjoy Sports, Fitness & Recreation In And Around Miami, Florida

As the largest city in Florida, Miami is a hub for business, commerce, and culture. For the hundreds of thousands of Miami residents and tourists, this concrete jungle on the Atlantic coast is full of activities central to an active lifestyle. In Miami, you’ll find there are hundreds of ways to get moving and enjoy what the Sunshine State has to offer. Here at Active Cities we bring swimming, running, hiking, climbing, playing and more all into one place. Below is our favorite list of over 100 activities and things to do in and around the Miami Area. To explore all of what South Florida has to offer, check out our Active Miami activities directory. #BeActive

1. Obstacle Courses

climbing ninja course active cities warrior

For those days when you’re looking for some time indoors, Ninja Lounge is the perfect place for the whole family. In addition to the longest harness-free ropes course in the world, the facility features warrior-style courses, climbing walls, and trampoline courts. Ninja Lounge offers classes in martial arts, aerial silks, as well as educational science classes and classes designed specifically for those with special needs, making it a great activity to challenge yourself both mentally and physically.

For more information on climbing walls, ropes courses, and climbing resources in the Miami area, check out our Climbing in Miami page.

2. Water Parks


If you’re looking for a way to cool off from the Miami sun while letting out your inner thrill-seeker, Paradise Cove Water Park may be your answer. Featuring four high-speed, five-story-tall corkscrew waterslides that leave your head spinning well after you’ve reached the bottom, Paradise Cove Water Park is sure to satisfy your need for speed. The park also has two water playgrounds – one specifically designed for the little ones – and the “Crazy Creek” for some inflatable fun. The grounds feature rentable umbrellas and picnic tables to make for an exciting and cost-efficient day for the whole family.

For more information on amusement parks, water parks, and family fun centers in the Miami area, check out out Amusement in Miami page.

3. Outdoor Gyms


Miami’s claim to fame is its white sand beaches and bright blue waters, so why not enjoy these spectacular views while training your core, upper body, and legs? Alice C. Wainwright Park in Coconut Grove provides the best of both worlds with an outdoor workout facility overlooking Biscayne Bay. This park’s laid-back atmosphere and many amenities like basketball courts, a playground, and open green space turn your workout into a chance to enjoy the beautiful Miami weather.

For more fitness facilities in the Miami area, check out the Fitness Clubs section of our Miami directory.

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is the real world outdoor treasure hunt that can lead you all over the world. With over 4,000 caches hidden around the Miami area alone, geocaching is a great way to explore the entire city with an adventure that will never end. It’s been taking off at viral speeds, sites like https://outdoorempire.com/selecting-compound-bow-reviews/ are mentioning it and have plans to integrate into an innovative feature. Most caches contain a logbook to see the hunters before you and small treasures to look forward to once your hunt is over. Grab your GPS or smartphone, select a cache at geocaching.com, and get hunting to connect with a network of fellow geocachers all over the world.

For your comprehensive guide of resources for geocaching and other outdoor activities in Miami, check out our Outdoor Adventure page.

5. Archery

archery Miami target bow and arrow

Whether you’re new to the sport or already know your way around a bow and arrow, archery is a great to challenge you in a low-impact activity. Miami EcoAdventures offers a variety of exciting activities, including introductory archery classes to learn proper technique for both recreational and survival archery. For those trying to channel their inner Robin Hood, Eco-Adventures also offers “Bullseye! Archery Skills” classes to provide a challenge for even the most experienced archers. No matter your age or ability, archery is right on target for staying active in Miami.

To learn more about archery and archery resources in the Miami area, check out our Outdoor Adventure in Miami Page.

6. Water Polo

Between endless laps down a swimming pool, non-stop treading, throwing, catching, and aggressive competitors, water polo is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Miami Riptides Aquatics is one of the top water polo programs in the nation, featuring both swimming and water polo teams for all ages in a skill-centered, family-friendly environment. Best of all: no horse required in this game of polo.

For your chance to get involved in this exciting game, check out our Swimming in Miami page for a complete list of water polo and swim teams, aquatic clubs, and other swimming resources in the area.

7. Dodgeball

dodgeball games active cities Miami

Nothing brings you back to your middle school days quite like an exciting game of dodgeball, so prepare to feel like a kid again with Miami Dodgeball.  Once a month, Miami Dodgeball meets at Kendall Lakes Park for some high-energy, team-oriented competition that will be sure to keep you coming back for more. Best of all, if you’re looking for some fun on a budget, get ready to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge, because this activity is completely free for its participants.

Take a look at our Dodgeball & Kickball in Miami page for your all-encompassing guide to dodgeball and other pickup leagues in Miami.

8. Bubbleball

bubble ball soccer fun bouncing Miami sports fun

For those looking for a twist on a traditional field games, bubbleball may be your answer. Bubbleball players wear oversized, inflatable spheres across their bodies to bump and bounce against opponents in games of soccer, kickball, and other games organized by South Florida Adult Sports. Great for team-building, birthday parties, and corporate events, bubbleball is sure to leave you laughing, bouncing, and rolling from start to finish.

For more exciting activities like bubbleball, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

9. Diving

Miami Florida south Florida springboard diving diver

If you’re looking to learn some skills that will take you to new heights, diving may be the perfect activity for you. Miami Diving boasts world-class coaching for both beginners and Olympians in the making. The city’s warm weather allows for year-round outdoor dive training on springboards, platforms, as well as premier dry-land equipment to perfect your skills as a diver. Miami Diving also hosts summer camps for ages six and up for a week of fulcrums, flipping, and fun.

To dive into more information about swimming and diving resources in the Miami area, check out our Swimming in Miami page of our directory.

10. Softball

softball pickup Miami team sport fun

Softball is the perfect sport for anyone looking to get involved in a fun, team-oriented sport. A variety of competitive leagues exist across the Miami area, but for those looking for something a little more laid back, check out adult softball with West Miami Parks and Recreation. Once weekly, players meet at the ballfield at the West Miami recreation center to take some swing, field some fly balls, and enjoy the sport that brings so many people together in a fun, relaxed environment.

Leadoff your search for Softball in Miami with our directory, featuring a variety of softball teams, leagues, field, and softball resources in the Miami area.

11. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to explore the waters of Miami: an opportunity that is sometimes limited to those with physical or mental disabilities. Shake A Leg Miami is an adaptive watersports community designed for those with and without disabilities so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy what Miami has to offer. Not only to they provide rentals and instruction on proper stand up paddle boarding technique, but also summer camps and a variety of other classes to benefit everyone in the community.

For more resources on paddleboarding in Miami, check out our Kayaking and Paddleboarding in Miami page. Also, check out our Adaptive Sports page for more information on accessible activities in the Miami area.

12. Sailing Lessons

Spending your days on the beach staring at the sailboats floating by will make anyone a little envious of those on board. So if you’re looking to try out sailing for yourself, Island Dreamer Sailing School is your answer. Island Dreamer offers not only sailboat charters around the Florida Keys, but also sailing classes for both couples and individuals. Through these classes, you can become a certified sailor by the American Sailing Association or simply learn the tricks of the trade in an easygoing, personalized environment.

If you’re ready to set sail, check out our Sailing, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding in Miami page to learn about the resources and opportunities available in Miami.

13. Parkour


Parkour and freerunning aim for athletes to maneuver obstacles quickly, efficiently, and with style. If you’re looking to channel your inner American Ninja Warrior, check out Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy. Founded in 2009, the 5,000 square foot facility is designed for safe and efficient instruction for all ages. Every week, the academy designs a new obstacle course for its athletes to create a varied experience and new challenge every time they arrive.

For a chance to continuously challenge yourself within the world of parkour, check out our Gymnastics & Parkour in Miami Page for a guide to the various opportunities in the Miami area.

14. Yoga

(Credit: Nicole Santoni)

When looking to center your mind and body with yoga, the key is relaxation. To add an extra point of relaxation into your daily yoga routine, try out 3rd Street Beach Yoga. The classes are taught 365 days a year, both morning and evening, right on the white sands of Miami beach. The classes taught by certified yoga teachers are completely free with exception to an optional donation, making it a great activity for your mind, body, and wallet.

For more places to find your inner zen and other resources for the yogi in you, explore our Yoga in Miami page.

15. Skateboarding

If you’re looking to spice up your street skating or get your wheels off the flat ground, it may be time to put your skills to the test at a skate park. The Action Sports Plaza at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park is a 14,000 square foot outdoor skate plaza designed using inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic skate parks. Outfitted with rails, stairs, a vert wall, a mini ramp, and lighting for the night time, the Action Sports Plaza is the perfect paradise for you and your wheels.

Check out our Skateboarding in Miami page to learn more about the skate parks and the various skateboarding shops in the Miami area.

16. Disc Golf


Disc Golf is an excellent low-impact activity to spin up some competition among friends and family. Virginia Key Beach Park has an over half-mile long disc golf course equipped with DISCatchers and concrete tees. The flat Miami terrain makes for a course fun for all age levels and abilities and leads directly to the ocean, allowing players or non-throwing visitors to scurry away between rounds for a chance to cool off.

For a full list of frisbee leagues, courses, and resources, check out our Disc Golf & Ultimate in Miami page.

17. Beach Volleyball

With an abundance of sandy beaches and sunny days, Miami is practically made for beach volleyball. South Beach Volley is a group of local players formed in the early 1980s, and since then the community of players on their 8th and Ocean Drive courts has continued to grow. Anyone is welcome to play on their courts for a game of doubles volleyball to channel their inner Keri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor. They also offer summer camp for kids ages 13-15 looking to get involved in the multi-generational organization that South Beach Volley has become.

Find a full list of volleyball courts, leagues, and resources on our Volleyball in Miami page.

18. Pickleball

As one of the less-commonly played sports on the list, pickleball is a great option for those looking to try something new. Pickleball is a merge between badminton, table tennis, and and tennis. This merge – with a smaller court and a slower moving ball than in tennis – makes pickleball more welcoming for children and older players. South Florida Pickleball offers lessons and demonstrations for those looking to try it out, and is also a go-to resource for all things pickleball in the area.

For a chance to get involved in Pickleball and similar sports, check out our Tennis in Miami page.

19. Golf

Home to more than 1,000 different golf courses – more than any other state in the United States – an active lifestyle in Florida would be incomplete without some tee time. For 18 holes once frequented by Arnold Palmer, check out Normandy Beach Golf Club. The course is located on a secluded island in Biscayne Bay to assure the beauty and relaxation you may be looking for in Miami. Normandy Beach Golf Club also offers golf instruction for all ages and skill levels so the entire family can chip in to the experience.

To start teeing up in Miami, check out our Golf in Miami page for a full list of courses, resources, lessons, and mini-golf courses in the area.

20. Trapezing

trapeze outdoor aerial skills circus

For those looking for an entirely new experience, check out The Flying Trapeze School. The Flying Trapeze School promises an adrenaline rush to all who are ready to soar. The school offers two-hour classes tailored to individuals’ abilities, allowing visitors the chance to learn trapeze tricks and be caught by a trained catcher. Their rig is open all year round in Bayfront Park so you can put on your very own Cirque du Soleil in the bright Miami sun.

For more opportunities to work on your aerial and acrobatic skills in the Miami area, check out our Gymnastics & Parkour in Miami page.

21. Auto Racing

Miami auto racing speedway audi ferrari fast cars

If your idea of staying active entails g-forces and driving a luxury vehicle over 140mph, Miami Exotic Auto Racing may be the ideal adrenaline rush for you. Miami Exotic Auto Racing allows visitors to live out their high-speed dreams at either Miami Speedway or Palm Beach Speedway in their choice of exotic car (or their own vehicle). A session starts with fifteen minutes of instruction, demonstration laps, and side-by-side coaching from racing veterans.

To get racing or to get involved in a variety of other thrill-based activities in the area, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

22. Speedboats

adrenaline junkie rides Miami Florida waterspouts thrill ride

There are hundreds of ways to see and experience the city of Miami. For one of the most exciting ways to do so, check out Adrenaline Junky Rides at Jetboat Miami. Adrenaline Junky Rides are thirty-minute twisting, drifting, and splashing tours down the Miami coastline sure to satisfy your inner thrill seeker. Guided by responsible captains, Jetboat Miami ensures a safe excursion for those of all ages, and best of all: a survivor t-shirt at the end for those brave enough to join.

For more high speed opportunities and activities in the Miami area, explore our Amusement in Miami page.

23. Flyboarding

waterspouts adventure Miami fly boarding hovercraft

Flyboarding is the watersport of the future. As close to hoverboarding as humans have been, flyboarding is a personal water craft that propels riders into the air using jet-streams of water. If the mere sound of this gets your inner George Jetson excited, check out Flyboarding at Miami Watersports. Before your fifteen or thirty minute flying adventure, instructors show you how to properly and safely maneuver your flyboard to make the most of your experience.

Explore the variety of ways to enjoy the clear Miami waters at our Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, and Parasailing in Miami page.

24. Boxing

boxer boxing Miami fitness south Florida active cities

Whether you’re boxing for fun, fitness, or a sparring of your own, Solbox Fitness Club is the premiere facility to add fun and creativity to your workout. Designed for upbeat circuit training, Solbox allows boxers of all skill levels to develop at their own pace and with their own style. Beyond boxing, Solbox also offers personal training and “The Body Rock” classes to provide visitors with a physically challenging and unique workout with every visit.

For more workouts that pack a punch, check out our Boxing in Miami Page, featuring local boxing clubs and gyms, shops, and resources.

25. Table Tennis

Broward Table Tennis Center is one of the ten table tennis clubs in the United States chosen as a “National Club of Excellence.” This comes as no surprise with their facility featuring 19 tables with barriers, Chinese blue floors, and mirrored fluorescent lights. Broward Table Tennis Center offers one-on-one lessons taught by world-renowned coaches, and also offers table tennis clinics and yearly memberships for those of all ages.

Explore our Badminton & Table Tennis in Miami page for a full list of table tennis clubs and resources in South Florida.

26. Pilates

Pilates is a style of exercise designed to improve strength, body alignment, and flexibility. To get involved and start improving both your body and mind, check out Pilates One. Pilates One offers a variety of classes at their beautiful 8,000 square foot foot facility in Coconut Grove, including circuit and reformer pilates, and even “Brolates:” a class designed specifically for men that focuses on flexibility and core strength.

For an extensive list of yoga and pilates studios in Miami, check out our Yoga & Pilates in Miami page.

27. Catamaran Sailboat Rentals

Hobie cat Miami Florida south Florida sailing water sports

If you’re looking for a chance to get out of the Miami water in a new way, give hobie cats a try. Hobie Catamarans are small, easy-to-sail watercrafts that use wind and human power to speed across the water. Miami Watersports offers Hobie Cat rentals and in Key Biscayne to explore the bay and the dolphins and manta rays that call it home. The shallow flats protect riders from rough ocean waves, allowing for a pleasurable ride for those of all experience levels.

For a variety of sports that utilize wind and water, check out our Sailing, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding in Miami page.

28. Air Boat Rides

The Everglades is one of the last remaining natural wetlands in North America, making it a must-see when in the Miami area. The best and most exciting way to experience its vast species and exotic vegetation? An airboat tour, of course. Airboat in Everglades offers a variety of rides through the everglades that are so exciting that you will hardly notice how much you are learning about the environment around you. Their airboat adventure covers eight miles of otherwise inaccessible land for some natural, outdoor fun.

For a variety of exciting activities across the Miami area, explore our Amusement in Miami page.

29. Youth Soccer


Soccer is one of the most commonly played sports around the world. One of the many organizations in Miami to channel your World Cup aspirations is Athletic Club Miami: a soccer and track and field club founded in 2013. Athletic Club Miami is a youth-based athletic organization that offers soccer at recreational, competitive, and travel team levels. Not only does the organization provide an excellent athletic outlet in which players grow as both people and athletes, but features a scholarship program to economically challenged families in order for their children to get involved in the sport that brings so much of the world together.

Find a variety of soccer fields, teams, and resources in the area at our Soccer in Miami page.

30. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, rapidly-growing sport that provides a twist on classic backyard frisbee. South Florida Ultimate is a co-ed league for teams from Dade and Broward counties and is open to players of all abilities. Teams of about fourteen players register and participate in a full ten-game season and playoff tournament. In addition, South Florida Ultimate is your source for pickup ultimate games all throughout the area, making it a great source for those looking to get involved in the game.

Explore our Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee in Miami page for a full list of teams, leagues, and resources for playing Ultimate in South Florida.

31. Running Groups

Miami Florida marathon training running groups

Training for a race can be daunting no matter your age or experience level. If you’re looking for support through the physical and psychological aspects of training for a 5k, half or full marathon, USA Fit Miami is a great resource. USA Fit is designed as a support group to push runners – whether they are seasoned marathon veterans or self-proclaimed couch potatoes – to the finish line. The group organizes runs so that you do not have to run alone and the coaches design personal training schedules to increase accountability towards your own goals. USA Fit is perfect if you need a little extra motivation to get running and stay on track for the big event.

For a variety of tracks, trails, and walking and running groups in the Miami area, dash on over to our Running & Walking in Miami page.

32. Walking

miami parks outdoors walking Florida

For days where you’re looking to enjoy the outdoor life that Miami is famous for, going for a walk is a relaxing and healthy option. To get your feet moving, check out the walking paths at Blue Heron Park. This five acre park features over a half mile of walking and biking trails wind through the grounds that surround a beautiful man-made lake. These trails are well shaded, making them perfect for a midday walk, and a variety of benches and pavilions can be found along the trails for those looking to rest along the way.

Explore our Running & Walking in Miami for an extensive list of trails and tracks for walking in the Miami area.

33. Jet Ski Rentals

active cities jets in Miami waterspouts

If you’re looking for a high speed, exciting way to get out on the water, jetskiing may be the perfect option for you. High Impact Watersports is located on Watson Island in Biscayne Bay and has jetski rentals, tours, and charters. At High Impact Watersports, visitors can rent their own jetski to explore the bay that overlooks the Miami Skyline and neighboring areas. Also offered is a variety of other activities, such a wake boarding, tubing, and flyboarding, making it a great place for all thrill seekers.

Find more jetskiing resources and a variety of other opportunities to get involved in watersports at our Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, & Parasailing in Miami Page.

34. Surfing

If you’re looking to learn to ride the waves like a professional, surf lessons may be for you. Since 2002, Sobe Surf has been the trusted source for surf lessons in South Beach. They provide either one-on-one private lessons or group lessons for all ages and abilities with all necessary equipment provided. Their expertise combined with the safe ocean patterns in South Beach provide an excellent environment for those looking to hang ten.

Find the various surfing resources, lessons, and rentals at our Surfing in Miami page.

35. Inflatable Playgrounds

flip moon bounce inflatable rentals fun Miami kids

For an endlessly-fun indoor activity for the little ones, check out Jumpin’ Jamboree. Jumpin’ Jamboree is a 15,000 square foot facility filled with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses that is sure to keep children busy for hours. The facility takes pride in its exceptionally clean inflatables and boasts a snack bar, free wifi, and a large sitting area for parents to relax while their children play in a bright, safe environment. Jumpin’ Jamboree offers group discounts and birthday parties, making it a great place for a day trip or special day for the little ones.

For more acitvities in the Miami area, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

36. CrossFit


Crossfit is a unique, increasingly popular total body workout that channels both mental and physical fitness. To get involved in this growing sport, check out Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach. The box features a variety of different ways to challenge yourself physically with every class while surrounding yourself with the sense of camaraderie that the sport encourages. Unsure if crossfit is for you? Your first class at Reebok Crossfit Miami is completely free, so why not give it a shot?

To explore the variety of other Crossfit gyms in Miami and a variety of classes, check out our Crossfit in Miami page.

37. Tennis

Tennis is a sport sure to keep you and your partner moving from one end of the court to another, providing not only a great workout, but loads of fun. If you’re looking to get outside and channel your inner Serena Williams, try serving up some fun at the Bay Harbor Tennis Courts. Newly resurfaced in 2014 with plenty of lighting, these courts provide you with a quality experience that will be sure to make the Bay Harbor Courts your newest go to.

For more courts to love, as well as a variety of tennis lessons and resources, check out our Tennis in Miami page.

38. Miami Marathon & Half Marathon

marathon Miami running 26.2 13.1

As an annual event in January, the Miami Marathon attracts runners – both experienced and first-timers – to challenge themselves to either a 13.1 or 26.2 mile race. The course spans from downtown Miami, across the bay to Miami Beach, and follows all the way down to Coconut Grove, providing competitors with a scenic and physically challenging experience. With a medal of achievement at the end and pride in a job well done, the Miami Marathon is the ultimate experience for an active South Floridian.

For trails to train on and running groups to encourage you during your training, explore our Running & Walking in Miami page.

39. Polo

polo horses Miami active cities tournament

For a lush event full of some of the world’s best polo players and a variety of activities, check out the annual Miami Beach Polo World Cup. Every year, players saddle up in South Beach for a round robin tournament in the Miami Sun. Not only do spectators get the opportunity to enjoy the sport and the beautiful Miami beaches, but the four day event features food and drink, concerts, and fashion shows for those of all interests to enjoy.

For more polo resources and horse riding opportunities in Miami, check out our Horseback Riding in Miami page.

40. Mini Golf

monster mini golf Miami florida

Mini Golf is a fun, affordable way to get moving while inspiring a little healthy competition. For mini golf like you’ve never seen before, check out Monster Mini Golf in Miramar. Monster Mini Golf provides a fun twist on a traditional game of mini golf with interactive, black-lit monsters throughout the 18-hole course. Their facility also offers a large arcade, making it a fun and spooky activity for those of all ages.

For a list of mini golf courses in the area, as well as larger courses and driving ranges, check out our Golf in Miami page.

41. Windsurfing


Prepare to carve the perfect jibe and put the wind and your body power to the test. Windsurfing at Sailboards Miami provides visitors with a whole new way to ride the waves in a safe, exciting environment. Sailboards Miami offers equipment rentals for seasoned windsurfers as well as classes for all skill levels in a variety of aquatic terrains.

For more information on Windsurfing in Miami, check out our Sailing, Windsurfing, & Kiteboarding in Miami page for a full list of rentals, locations, and resources for the surfer – no matter what type – in you.

42. Kayaking

kayaking waterspouts south Florida Miami

For a relaxing and scenic voyage on the water, try kayaking with Miami Water Life Tours. Paddle your way through the Biscayne Bay for glorious views of downtown and an up-close and personal experience with the marine inhabitants of the Miami waters.  Miami Life Water Tours offers both single and tandem kayaks in addition to a variety of other Watersports, making it a great place to spend a day out on the water.

Check out our Kayaking & Paddleboarding in Miami page for more ways to explore the Miami waters.

43. Racquetball

racquetball sports Miami active cities

Racquetball is the sport where competitors go head-to-head in a game that merges the best aspects of tennis and wall ball. Players hit a firm, yet bouncy ball against a wall trying to place the ball right out of their competitors reach in a fast-paced, high energy game. Racquetball courts can be found all across the Miami area, including at Carlow Park in Sweetwater. Carlow Park also has basketball courts, a tot lot, and gazebos on its grounds for a fun and relaxing afternoon at the park.

For more racquetball courts and resources in the area, explore our Racquetball & Squash in Miami page.

44. Paintball

Paintball turns a game of capture the flag into a fun, colorful game for those ready to battle. Check out the Family Paintball Center to battle it out with friends in the brightest activity in Miami. The Family Paintball Center provides everything you will need for exciting rounds of Paintball in a family-friendly environment, including low-impact paintballs that shatter the painful stereotype surrounding the activity.

For more exciting and colorful ways to stay active in Miami, explore our Paintball & Airsoft in Miami page.

45. Camping

If you want to get up-close and personal with the beautiful habitat of Southern Florida, camping is the activity for you. Whether you’re ready for a primitive style campsite or are more interested in “GLAMping” in air-conditioned cabins, Oleta River State Park has you covered for your next camping trip. Along with bathrooms, a restaurant, and comfortable cabins, the park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking and biking trails to keep the entire family busy in the great outdoors.

For a variety of campgrounds and camping resources in the Miami area, check out our Camping in Miami page.

46. Laser Tag

lasertage indoor activities Miami Florida

Lasertag is the perfect indoor activity to ignite your competitive side. Players divide into two teams for a high-tech game similar to flashlight tag using phasers and vests with sensors on them. Laserland & Adventure has hosted over 13,000 fast paced, high energy games of laser tag in their 3,500 square foot maze equipped with black lights and a variety of barriers. The facility also features an arcade and cafe, making it a fun, easy place to spend the whole day.

For other fun things to do in Miami, explore the variety of activities on our Amusement in Miami page.

47. Santa’s Enchanted Forest

santa's enchanted forest theme park holiday Miami Christmas winter activities south Florida tradition locals

The holiday season is the brightest, jolliest time of year. Miami makes the season even better with the world’s largest holiday theme park: Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Opening annually in November, Santa’s Enchanted Forest features a variety of carnival rides, fantastic light shows, and food from all over the world. As a South Florida tradition for over thirty years, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is a must-see for residents and visitors alike.

Explore our Amusement in Miami page for more fun activities all throughout the year.

48. Dog Parks

dog park beach off leash Miami Florida

South Florida offers an active lifestyle for everyone, including your four-legged friends. Just north of Miami you can find the Dog Beach of Hollywood: an off-leash dog park for you and man’s best friend to explore the Florida coast together. The park is monitored by a park ranger to ensure cleanliness and safety for its visitors, making it a great place to get outside and catch some rays (and some waves!) with your canine friends.

For a full list of public dog parks in the Miami area, check out our Dogs in Miami page.

49. Field Hockey

field hockey team sports Miami youth

Field hockey is a fast-paced team sport that is sure to provide a physical challenge to everyone on the field. Since its incipience in 2006, Doral Field Hockey Club has become the largest developmental field hockey organization in Florida. This team-oriented club is open for both boys and girls of all levels of experience and is designed to optimize not only an player’s athletic potential, but to allow for personal growth in a friendly, competitive environment.

Take a look at our Field Hockey in Miami page for a list of clubs, shops, and resources in the Miami area.

50. Bocce

Miami Ironside is a cultural hub in the heart of Miami featuring galleries, boutiques, and workspaces for a diverse grouping of designers and architects. Within the urban center is a piazza featuring a Bocce Ball Court for an upscale yet relaxed game of bocce. With the addition of a small bar and live music in the piazza, your game of bocce is brought back to its traditional Italian origin: perfectly fitting into the vibe of the Ironside itself.

Check out our Bocce, Cornhole, and Horseshoes in Miami page for more information and locations for playing bocce in Miami.

51. Adult Social Leagues

social league Florida Miami adslt sports dodgeball kickball

For those looking to get involved in a variety of activities in a social environment, look no further than South Florida Club Sport. South Florida Club Sport offers tournaments and games in volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, bowling, and a variety of other activities where participants not only meet new people, but stay active while doing so. Every year, South Florida Club Sport hosts the “Jaxlympics” where participants compete in tradition field day activities – think relays, cornhole, and Kan Jam – to raise money for charity. With Jaxlympics and other events like Softballpalooza and an annual Turkey Bowl, South Florida Club Sport is sure to satisfy your social and competitive side.

Explore all that South Florida Club Sport and other organizations have to offer in our Miami Activities directory.

52. Horse Riding / Horse Riding Lessons


Miami Equestrian Club is a premier facility for all things equestrian. Their nearly eighteen acre farm in Horse Country is equipped with stables and a variety of riding trails designed for the best horse care and experience for trainers and riders. The club offers horseback riding lessons and camps for all ages to excel both the rider and horse from beginner to advanced level riding.

Explore our Horseback in Miami page for horseback riding and equestrian training, stables, and resources.

53. Hiking

If you’re looking for a way to explore the beautiful terrain and unique biodiversity that South Florida has to offer, look no further than Florida Paddlers and Trekkers. Florida Paddlers and Trekkers is a network of over 1,000 trailblazers hiking and biking all throughout Florida. Not only does the group provide a variety of meetups to get you out into the wild of Florida, but also provides you with connections to other nature-oriented people for a unique, friendly experience.

Trek on over to our Hiking in Miami page for a list of resources and hiking groups in the Miami area.

54. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

mama mixed martial arts in Miami fighting active cities lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to become a better athlete, learn self defense, or just want a new, unique workout, MMA, or mixed martial arts, may be your answer. At MMA Masters, located in the heart of Miami, students can take classes with world-class instructors on various forms of martial arts including jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and judo. As a place to not only exercise your body, MMA Masters focuses on teaching confidence, self-respect, and discipline to support growth of the mind.

For an extensive list of martial arts classes, gyms, and resources, check out our Martial Arts in Miami page.

55. Gymnastics

gymnastics Miami Florida international gymnastics training center

With athletes flipping and spinning across a variety of apparatuses, gymnastics is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. To get involved in this Olympic-caliber sport in Miami, check out the International Gymnastics Training Center. For over 15 years, the International Gymnastic Training Center has shaped beginner through elite athletes with world-renowned coaching at their South Miami Heights location.

To learn more or explore the other opportunities to get involved in gymnastics in Miami, check out our Gymnastics & Parkour in Miami page.

56. Aerial Silks

aerial silks gymnastics core arm strength acrobatics

Aerial silks, made famous through acrobatic spectacles like Cirque Du Soleil, combines the beauty and elegance of dance with the added challenge of suspending the body into the air. Along with being an awe-inspiring feat, aerial silks is great for developing strength and flexibility. For a chance to try it out, check out Miami Gymnastic and Dance Academy. The academy offers both beginner and advanced classes, as well as duo classes and aerial hoops classes.

For a list of places to stay active and express yourself, check out our Dancing in Miami page.

57. Skydiving

skydiving Miami thrill seeker adventure south Florida

For the thrill of a lifetime, or simply a chance to cross an item off your bucket list, check out Skydive Miami. Skydive Miami offers leaps of faith ranging from 8,000 to 13,500 feet in which skydivers reach free fall speeds over 120 miles per hour. Whether you’re a first-time skydiver or a seasoned jumper, Skydive Miami offers packages for your skill level – either tandem or solo. Of course, your jump would not be complete without a photo and video package, which is offered with every jump.

To take a leap of faith in Miami, check out our Skydiving, Hang Gliding, & Paragliding in Miami page.

58. Hang Gliding

hang gliding flying Miami Florida adventure

For an experience you are sure to never forget, check out hang gliding at Hang Glide Miami. Hang Glide Miami provides visitors with a chance to defy gravity from 1,500 feet above the crystal clear Miami water. With the assistance of an instructor, hang gliders are able to control the glider and soar through the air for one of the most scenic views of Miami that man can access.

Explore our Skydiving, Hang Gliding, & Paragliding in Miami page to learn more about your resources and opportunities to soar in Miami.

59. Flag Football

flag football team sports pickup games Miami Florida south

If you’re not quite ready for tryouts with the Miami Dolphins, Red Zone Sports provides players with the perfect organization in which to get involved in football. Offering year-round youth and adult flag football leagues, Red Zone Sports gives players the chance to stay active and toss around the pigskin with monthly tournaments in a fun, competitive environment that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

To explore the variety of football fields and leagues in the Miami area, checkout out our Football in Miami page.

60. Hockey

Looking for a chance to get out on the ice in this tropical climate? Check out Miami Toros Ice Hockey. The Miami Toros is a competitive league for people eighteen and under looking to get involved in the fast-paced, competitive game played all around the world. The teams compete in a fun, team-oriented environment that allows for growth as an athlete with experience, professional coaching.

To reach your hockey goals, check out our Hockey in Miami page for a list of teams, rinks, and resources.

61. Figure Skating


Figure skating brings the grace of dance and acrobatics to the ice, making it the perfect activity for those looking to challenge themselves with new skills. For everything from freestyle skating to private coaching, check of Pines Figure Skating Club. The club and ice arena are recognized by the Professional Skaters Association and as a National Rink of Excellence, making an excellent place to skate safely and grow as an athlete.

For more figure skating lessons, rinks, and resources, check out our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Miami page.

62. Swimming w/ Dolphins

swim with dolphins Miami seaquarium adventure wildlife

For a chance to get a little closer with the natives, check out Dolphin Encounters at Miami Seaquarium. Dolphin Encounters are your chance to swim with, high five, and even share a kiss with the friendliest mammals in Miami. Each session begins with an information session to learn about the dolphins followed by thirty minutes of fun in the water with the dolphins, making it an exciting and educational experience for the whole family.

For more opportunities to swim in Miami, check out our Swimming in Miami page.

63. Snorkeling


After spending some time above the water, why not take some time to explore what exists below sea level? The snorkeling and jetski combo at Jet-ski Tours of Miami provides visitors with the best of both worlds. In each two hour session, visitors jetski from Miami Beach to its nearby islands, stopping by the Atlantic reefs to explore the beauty of the clear oceans and the sea turtles, manta-rays, and dolphins that call it home.

For more opportunities to jetski or explore the ocean in the Miami area, check out our Scuba & Snorkel in Miami page.

64. Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing fish Miami Florida Atlantic Ocean tropical

If you’re interested in some bigger game than some sports have to offer, deep sea fishing may be your answer. At Miami Fishing Charters, you’ll find nothing short of expertise and experience in your visit when with their professional crew members on board their boats specifically designed for fishing in South Florida. Not only does a fishing outing give visitors the chance to get up-close and personal with the marine life, but provides them with “reel” fun.

For more sailing and boating charters and watersports in the Miami area, check out our Sailing in Miami page.

65. Zumba

Zumba exercise active lifestyle Miami fun easy dance

Zumba is the high-energy dance workout designed for fun, fitness, and flair. For a great activity for the whole family, try it out at Get Fit Family Bootcamp and Fitness Studio. Get Fit Family Bootcamp and Fitness Studio offers a variety of classes for all ages, designed to inspire fitness and an active lifestyle for the whole family. All classes are only $5, making it not only a great workout, but also a great value.

Find more places to dance it out and get fit at our Zumba in Miami page.

66. Studio Cycling

Spinning is a high intensity full-body workout on stationary bikes that is anything but boring. Designed for strength building, weight loss, and calorie burning, spinning covers all the bases for a great workout. At Redbike Studios, spinning workouts are inspired by the cultures, flavors, and sounds of Miami itself. With a variety of classes and themes (including one specifically dedicated to Britney Spears and Beyoncé), spinning is a great way to continuously switch up your workout.

For more spinning studios and outdoor biking opportunities in the Miami area, check out our Biking in Miami page.

67. Boardwalks

Running and walking are free and easy ways to stay active while exploring your surroundings. For a picturesque view during your workout, check out the Miami Beach Boardwalk that spans down the Atlantic coast. Portions of this forty block stretch are reserved specifically for pedestrians, creating a bike-free and worry-free environment environment for walkers and runners.

To explore an extensive list of paths, trails, greenways, and running groups in the Miami area, check out our Running and Walking in Miami page.

68. Arcades


As an escape from the sun or a rainy day Oasis, spending time indoors at an arcade can be just as fun as a day out on the water. Gametime Miami, a 36,000 square foot sports bar and arcade, is no exception. Including classics like skeeball and air hockey, Gametime Miami features over 150 different games and simulators, bringing the fun indoors for the whole family.

For a list of other arcades and forms of amusement in Miami, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

69. Cheerleading

cheer Cheerleading competitive Miami Florida beach stunt liberty coed

Cheerleading is the extremely competitive, high energy sport for both men and women all across the world. Miami is home to nine-time world champion all-star cheerleading team Top Gun as well as a variety of other cheer gyms. Top Gun Cheer and Dance Training Center not only offers the opportunity to get involved in its world-renowned programs, but also offers classes to athletes of all ages and skill levels who are looking to improve themselves as cheerleaders with tumbling, dance, and stunt training.

To explore the variety of cheer gyms in the Miami area, check out our Cheerleading in Miami page.

70. Parasailing

parasailing Miami watersports flying boats fun adventure activities

For a breathtaking view of the Florida coast combined with thrilling heights, try out parasailing at South Beach Parasail. Parasailers, while suspended in the air with feet dangling over the water full of dolphins, sea turtles, and stingrays, receive an experience like no other. As the most experienced parasailing company in the area, South Beach Parasail ensures a fun and safe flight for its riders, launching from a boat into the air using state of the art equipment.

To get yourself out on the water, explore out Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, & Parasailing in Miami page.

71. Pole Fitness

pole fitness Miami dancing strength women bachelorette parties unique exercise

If you’re tired of the old song and dance of your workout and are ready to break out of your comfort zone, check out Pole Dance and Fitness Miami. Pole Dance and Fitness features a variety of dance classes, ranging from aerial conditioning to advanced level pole, taught by experienced dance instructors who accentuate the artistry involved in all types of dance. In addition to a core and upper body workout, pole fitness is great for bachelorette parties or a night out with friends.

Explore our Dancing in Miami page for a variety of dance studios, lessons, and resources in the Miami area.

72. Escape Rooms


Escape rooms are a team-oriented activity in which teams use scavenger hunt and puzzle-solving techniques to escape a  specially-designed room in a set amount of time. To try out this exciting activity for both the body and the mind, head over to The Great Escape Room. Their escape rooms have various missions including Sherlock Holmes’ Library and Dr. Watson’s Infirmary. Participants race against the clock for one hour to complete the tasks of the room and attempt to escape.

For a variety of fun activities in the Miami area, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

73. Go-Karts

Go karts are a fun, competitive activity designed to satisfy your need for speed. K1 Speed provides the premier go karting experience for its racers with electric karts that reach forty-five miles per hour in a fun, safe environment. What sets K1 Speed apart is its nationwide network of over thirty different locations, all of which are locations where racers can compete in the Challenge Grand Prix, racing at their local track for the best times against the best go kart racers nationwide.

For more activities that will satisfy your need for speed and keep you smiling from start to finish, explore our Amusement in Miami page.

74. Family Fun Centers

family fun centers indoor activities Miami Florida rainy day

If you’re having trouble deciding on a single activity for your day, look no further than Planet Air Sports (Author’s note: this is one of the coolest family fun centers I have ever seen). With fifteen unique, indoor attractions – like a ninja course, trampoline park, cageball, triple bungee trampolining, and ziplines, just to name a few – Planet Air Sports is the one-stop-shop for a day of indoor fun. The facility also features a cafe and a parents’ lounge, making it a great place for the entire family.

For more activities for the whole family, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

75. Adaptive Sports

Miami is a city of endless activities, even for those with physical and developmental disabilities. To get involved in the popular adaptive sport of wheelchair tennis, head over to the Judge Arthur Snyder Tennis Center on Saturdays at noon for a fun, accessible experience for all. Offering both clay and hard courts, the Judge Arthur Snyder Tennis Courts will make your visit a memorable one for those of all ability levels.

For a list of the variety of accessible activities in the area, check out our Adaptive Sports in Miami page.

76. Baseball

baseball fielding youth south Florida active boys sports

For those looking to take some swings and run the bases, check out Miami Beach Youth Baseball League. At Miami Beach Youth Baseball League, Coach Danny Berry provides a fun, relaxed environment to get boys and girls of all ages involved in the ballgame. The league offers Introduction to Baseball clinics for those just starting out as well as a fall league for those looking to compete at beautiful North Shore Park. Miami Beach Youth Baseball League also provides financial assistance to qualifying families, allowing children of all backgrounds to get involved in America’s pastime.

For information on playing baseball in the area, explore our Baseball in Miami for a list of fields, teams, leagues, and resources.

77. Batting Cages

batting cages Miami Florida south baseball softball training

Every athlete knows that championships are won off the field. For baseball players looking to improve their game year-round, or anyone looking for the fun of taking a few swings at the batting cages, check out Hitting Unlimited. Hitting Unlimited has been serving the Miami area for over ten years, renting out hitting, pitching, and other training equipment to players and teams looking to for some fun and practice time.

For an extensive list of baseball fields, teams, leagues, resources, and batting cages in the Miami area, check out our Baseball in Miami page.

78. Bowling

If you’re looking to take your trip to the bowling alley to the next level, head over to Splitsville. Splitsville has thirteen lanes for bowling, but it doesn’t stop there; along with billiards and dancing, the facility has an upscale restaurant and bar that brings a new definition to bowling alley food. Not only does Splitsville bring the fun of bowling to the whole family, but on Friday and Saturday nights the alley becomes a hot spot for those twenty-one and up looking for a fun and active night out.

Find more information on bowling alleys, leagues, and resources at our Bowling in Miami page.

79. Cricket

Cricket is a sport reminiscent of baseball played primarily in the eastern hemisphere. Miami is home to one of the most vibrant cricket communities in the US and the only International Cricket Stadium approved by the International Cricket Council, making it the perfect place to get involved in the sport. The Cricket Stadium at Central Broward Regional Park is home to Gold Coast Cricket League that features a variety of competitions throughout the year for a “wicket” good time.

For more locations and resources for Cricket in the area, explore out Cricket in Miami page.

80. Bike Tours

wynwood walls bike tours art local artists relaxing outdoor Instagram worthy vacation

It comes as no secret that the Wynwood Walls are some of the most unique aspects of Miami, highlighting its diverse artistic culture. For a fun and active way to check out this beautiful street art, look no further than the Wynwood Mural Tours. Led by local artists Ryan the Wheelbarrow and Pedro AMOS, these tours can be taken on foot or by bicycle, perfectly combining an active lifestyle with a chance to experience the beautiful artwork the city has to offer.

For a variety of other activities on wheels, check out our Biking in Miami page.

81. Barre Fitness

Barre fitness is the workout sweeping the nation that utilizes a ballet bar for small, isometric movements that burn fat and tone muscle. Pure Barre, the largest barre franchise in the world, inspires a healthy lifestyle with a high-energy, supportive environment that helps participants reach their fitness goals. Miami’s Altara Avenue location is no different, offering classes to fit every schedule and lifestyle so that everyone can sculpt the body of their dreams.

For a list of gyms and other workout facilities, check out our Fitness Clubs in Miami page.

82. Rock Climbing

rock climbing Miami Florida indoor outdoor adventure exercise

If you’re looking the challenge yourself by climbing to new heights, rock climbing is the perfect activity to get you moving. X-treme Rock Climbing works with everyone from beginners to professional climbers on both indoor and outdoor climbing. Specializing in not only climbing for fun, X-treme Rock Climbing teaches proper belaying skills and climbing strategies on their routes designed by certified route setters, creating a fresh, challenging experience with every visit.

For other climbing walls, groups, and resources, check out our Climbing in Miami page.

83. Fencing

Fencing is a sport played in the original Olympic games that requires grace, style, strategy, and creativity for success. To strengthen your skills as a fencer and stay active, check out the Miami Fencing Club. The club, run by world-class coaches, offers classes for all ages and abilities providing an environment that inspires both physical and mental concentration, making it an excellent choice for those new to the sport and for seasoned fencers alike.

Find a list of Fencing clubs and lessons, shops, and resources for your fencing needs at our Fencing in Miami page.

84. Kickball

For a chance to get involved in some recreational fun, try out Adult Co-ed kickball with KOALA Kickball. KOALA, or “Kickball-Obsessed Adult Leagues Association,” organizes leagues for friends, families, and coworkers to get involved and stay active in a laid-back yet competitive environment. Leagues offer weekly play across the Miami area in addition to MVP games, home run derbies, and even weekly costume contests to make sure you are having a ball. After most games, local sports grill sponsors keep the fun going for both an active and social experience.

For more opportunities to play kickball in the area, check out our Dodgeball & Kickball in Miami page.

85. Powerlifting

powerlifting weight lifting strength team Miami south Florida

For an opportunity to put your mind and body to the test, check out Steelhouse Fitness Miami. Steelhouse Fitness offers a variety of workout programs at their Hammocks location, including Xanthus and Competitive Powerlifting programs. The classes are designed to sculpt a strong, muscular physique under the guidance of professional coaching. Home to one of the largest powerlifting teams in the nation, Steelhouse Fitness has the facility and resources to make anyone with the time and dedication into a competitive powerlifter.

To learn about more gyms in the Miami area, explore our Fitness Clubs in Miami page.

86. Roller Derby

Roller derby is the highly competitive and fast-paced, full contact sport on wheels. As Miami’s first and only women’s roller derby league, Miami’s Vice City Rollers are guaranteed to surpass your expectations when getting involved in this exciting sport. The goal of the league is to encourage athletic development in a strong, empowering environment. Additionally, the Vice City Rollers features the Miami Brawlers – Miami’s first men’s roller derby team – making this activity a great time for everyone looking to get involved.

For a list of roller rinks and skating lessons and resources in the Miami area, check out our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Miami page.

87. Biscayne National Park


Biscayne National Park is the perfect place to experience the beautiful natural habitat of Miami without straying too far from the concrete jungle. Visitors have the opportunity to explore coral reefs, a variety of islands, and hundreds of years of human history like shipwrecks and pirate ruins. The park, spanning across the bay, is the perfect place for a variety of watersports and other activities for the entire family.

For an extensive lists of parks in the Miami area, explore our Parks & Playgrounds in Miami page.

88. BMX


BMX is the action sport that turns a standard bike ride into an exciting dirt roller coaster ride. To get involved, check out Miami South BMX. Miami South BMX trains BMX riders who are new to the sport using their F10 program, or first ten weeks, when riders are encouraged to learn at their own pace in a safe, welcoming environment. Not only are F10 weeks focused on the athlete’s jumping and ability to maneuver the track, but also in proper exercise and nutrition tips to become an all-around better athlete.

For more aggressive sports on wheels, explore our Biking in Miami page.

89. Basketball

basketball youth Miami Florida team sports

If you’re looking to be the next basketball star or fill the shoes of Lebron James, start your training at Thunder Basketball. Thunder offers both recreational and competitive basketball leagues for all ages, and is designed to launch this popular sport into a team-oriented setting to improve athletes both on and off the court. In addition to leagues, Thunder Basketball offers birthday parties and summer camps, making it a great way to stay active for any occasion.

For a list of basketball courts, teams, leagues, and resources in the area, explore our Basketball in Miami page.

90. Jungle Island


Jungle Island is a zoological park located in the heart of Miami and is home to some of the world’s most exotic animals. Jungle Island features a variety of informative exhibits, animal shows, and even hands-on interactions with some of the most fascinating species on Earth. With lush gardens and jungle-like settings, visitors are immersed in an environment much like the ones many of the animals call home. Visitors can also take part in behind-the-scenes VIP tours or host events at their newly-renovated Treetop Ballroom, making Jungle Island an experience you will never forget for every visit.

For more fun activities in Miami, check out our Amusement in Miami page.

91. Dancing

dancing Miami Florida cutture flamenco la rosa ballet classes

There’s no better way to stay active while expressing yourself than with dancing your heart out. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in North Miami offers classes for a variety of types of dance, including jazz, flamenco, salsa, and many more cultural dance styles, making for a diverse experience when learning to dance. Additionally, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa offers concerts and various creative expression classes for its guests.

For more places to get your body moving, dance studios, and resources in the Miami area, explore our Dancing in Miami page.

92. Lacrosse

lacrosse men's sports Miami Florida team south

Lacrosse is a constantly growing, fast-paced team sport for people of all ages. If you’re looking to give it a shot, check out Miami Lacrosse Club. The Miami Lacrosse Club provides players with the perfect balance of fun and successful competition that many athletes search for. As a club that competes against talented players across all of Florida, Miami Lacrosse Club consists of post-collegiate, high school, and talented local athletes in the Florida Lacrosse League – a league that has been around since the early 1970s.

For a list of lacrosse clubs, fields, and resources in the area, check out our Lacrosse in Miami page.

93. Rowing

rowing team sports accessible sports

Rowing, in addition to being the ultimate team sport, provides a full body workout while getting out on the water. If this triple threat of an activity sounds like it’s up your alley, check out Miami Beach Rowing Club. Located off Indian Creek, Miami Beach Rowing Club is an organization designed for those new to the sport of rowing through masters rowing, and even offers youth rowing and summer camps. As an even more inclusive facility, Miami Beach Rowing Club is the first Paralympic certified adaptive rowing facility, making it truly an experience for anyone looking to give it a shot.

For more rowing clubs and resources, check out our Rowing in Miami page. To learn about other accessible activities in the area, check out our Adaptive Sports in Miami page.

94. Self-Defense Training

self defense training Miami south Florida women safety

If you’re looking to to strengthen your self defense skills while sharpening your mind, check out C.O.B.R.A. Defense. Their 10-week program combines the skills of experienced law enforcement, martial arts, and the psychology of the criminal mind to provide students with fully comprehensive self defense training. Classes are designed to keep their students safe and provide them with the necessary training to protect themselves, but also produce a physical and mental challenge for participants.

For similar activities, check out our Martial Arts in Miami page.

95. Scuba Diving

For those looking to explore what exists deep within the Miami waters, Grove Scuba is the scuba school for every (sea) level of diver. Grove Scuba was founded in 2006 and offers year-round classes taught by PADI certified instructors who specialize in safe and exciting underwater explorations. Ranging from certification courses to fluorescent underwater photography and Discover Scuba Diving courses, Grove Scuba is sure to take even the most experienced divers to new depths.

For more opportunities to explore the aquatic environment in the area, check out our Scuba & Snorkeling in Miami page.

96. Trampoline Parks

trampoline parks jump floors skyline south Florida Miami

Trampoline High in South Kendall turns that childhood dream of trampoline floors into a reality. Trampoline High’s 10,000 square foot facility features wall-to-wall trampolines, dodgeball courts, bungee trampolines, and more. Jump sessions are offered in thirty minute increments (Author’s note: believe me, that is more than enough time to provide you with the workout of a lifetime) or can be purchased in bundles at a discounted rate. With open jumps, birthday parties, and even slumber parties, Trampoline High is a fun and aerobic activity for everyone.

For more fun activities in Miami, explore our Amusement in Miami page.

97. Tubing

It comes as no secret that Miami is the prime location for every watersport you can dream of. For one of the easiest (yet far from boring) watersports, check out tubing at Miami Watersports Paradise. Tubes are pulled behind a boat, allowing riders to enjoy a high-speed ride over the rush of the wake. Miami Watersports Paradise makes safety a priority, discussing with riders the appropriate speed for their confidence levels and teaching hand signals to the riders to accommodate to various ability levels during a tubing experience.

Find more exciting ways to get out on the water at our Wakeboarding, Waterskiing & Parasailing in Miami page.

98. Bike Rentals

Citibike Miami is Miami’s bikeshare and rental system that makes it easy to explore the city while staying active. The system includes 1,000 bikes at over a hundred docking stations around the downtown Miami area. Bikes can be rented by the hour or with a membership, allowing riders to travel across the city and experience its beautiful views and urban landscape without the hassle of parking or the limitations of walking. Not only can these bikes be used for recreation, but also provide a green alternative to a traditional city commute.

Check out our Biking in Miami page for more bike rentals, trails, stores, and resources.

99. Kite Surfing


Kitesurfing is an extreme twist on traditional surfing that uses a kite to allow surfers to perform daring aerial tricks and skills. Adventure Sports at Matheson Hammock Park allows visitors to try out kitesurfing in addition to a variety of other watersports and activities in a safe, supervised environment. Kitesurfers of all skill levels take on the shallow waters of the Biscayne Bay to experiment with the powers of wind and water for an experience unlike any other.

For a variety of other activities inspired by the Earth’s elements, explore our Sailing, Windsurfing & Kiteboarding in Miami page.

100. Urban Parks

Brandon park Miami Florida coconut grove beach tropical

Crandon Park is an 808 acre urban park that is preserved as a getaway from the urban environment that Miami hosts. Originally a coconut grove, Crandon Park provides a glimpse into the natural habitat that South Florida once knew with a variety of species and vegetation unique to the area. Aside from its beautiful landscape, Crandon Park is the destination for a variety of activities – from walking, tennis, paddle boarding, and nature tours – to satisfy visitors’ desire for an outdoor adventure. Additionally, the park’s two-mile beach is consistently ranked within the top ten beaches in the nation, making it a must-see for both tourists and locals for sunrises, a trip to the beach, or simply to experience everything Crandon Park has to offer.

Find more outdoors oases at our Parks & Playgrounds in Miami page.

101. Beaches!

some south beach Florida crystal clear waters sun tanning play

A list of activities in Miami would be incomplete without mentioning is beautiful white sand beaches. South Beach, or SOBE, is one of Miami’s most famous beaches and makes for a spectacular outdoor experience for those of all ages. Visitors have the opportunity to spend the day relaxing on the sand, soaking up the sun, and building sandcastles or engaging in the variety of watersports that the Atlantic Ocean allows. The clear water and gentle waves allow visitors to body surf, boogie-board, or skimboard along the water for a fun and affordable afternoon in the sun.

For more opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy what Miami has to offer, check out our Parks and Playgrounds in Miami page.