What We Learned From The Cast Of Parks And Recreation

By: Sam Hietsch | sam.hietsch@activecities.com

Our beloved TV show Parks and Recreation has taught us a lot in its seven-season run. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve certainly been annoyed several times over by Jerry Gergich.

Aside from bringing us pure joy, the show has taught us a lot about the importance of staying healthy and active.

Leslie explained how exercising can be painful…

And that sometimes we don’t want to workout because it may only involve jogging and running.

(Preach it, Ann Perkins)

Thankfully, the show has introduced us to other fun ways to stay active, including games that date back to colonial times.

Or, modern games like Ultimate Frisbee (which won’t get as many strange looks from strangers).

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Ron showed us how to keep moving around the office…

And how to throw the perfect parking-lot football passes.

April instilled in us motivation and a competitive edge.

Chris Traeger showed us that staying active can help us cope with literally everything…

and reminded us to follow our fitness dreams.

Ben even inspired us to create and play our own games…

No matter how ridiculous we may look, or what kind of fool we make of ourselves.

Fortunately, Andy was there to provide health lessons,

Ron showed us how to refuel after workouts,

And Donna reminded us that every once in a while you should to take a little time to rest and recover.

Most of all, Parks and Rec has inspired us to work hard and always celebrate the fruits of our labor.