Find Your Fit: Custom Online Diet & Exercise Guides

By: Olivia Saccameno |

When it comes to finding the perfect nutrition or fitness routine, there is no standard plan. Everyone has different body types, fitness goals, and dietary preferences. Whether you’re trying to slim down, tone up, build muscle, eat a more balanced diet or train for a marathon, the most effective way to achieve your goals is to create a personalized plan specifically designed to reach your needs. It can seem impossible to find the right diet plan for yourself, that is why we are so happy that there are apps that will compare keto diet benefits, vegan diet benefits and the classic omnivore diet, AND take into account exercise habbits.

And why do the tedious work yourself when someone else can do it for you? After sifting through endless fitness articles and online forums, we’ve compiled a list of helpful websites that will assist you in creating your ideal exercise and diet plan.

This website (also available as an app for Android, iPhone, and Windows) literally does it all. It includes a free option, as well as a payment plan for more features. BodBot starts by analyzing your goals and exercise experience to create a workout regimen that tailors to your body’s needs without going outside of your comfort zone. It then takes into consideration the number of days and hours per week that you want to work out and designs a specific workout program, fine-tuned to your schedule.

BodBot also helps you eat smarter. With a vast knowledge of macro and micronutrients, the app tailors your diet based on your specific goals and body type. BodBot has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dietary plans as well. Your meal plan will adjust accordingly to your workouts, including those skipped, and will help recommend foods to fill deficiencies. BodBot also gives you the best tips for skin care and beauty care like clear nails plus.

EatThisMuch helps you plan the best foods to eat (and how much) based on how many calories you want to consume per day, divided between 1-9 meals. Eatthismuch offers a free account to get you started on the right food path for you. The site’s nutrition calculator generates your optimal caloric and nutrient intake based on your body’s demographic features and whether you’d like to lose weight, gain weight, or simply maintain your current health. It also provides meal plan options for vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Atkins, and Mediterranean diets. EatThisMuch then generates breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options with instructions on how to cook each meal. The site gives you the option to block certain foods, refresh items, or favorite your meals to have them reoccur more frequently.’s Find a Plan website helps you choose the best exercise plan for any of your fitness goals, whether it be burning fat, building muscle, or completely transforming your body using workout machine (learn more about workout machines). After answering a few short questions about your gender, desired end results, and experience level, generates a plan constructed by one of the site’s many trainers and fitness experts. It also provides a list of other recommended plans similar to the top pick. Programs include video instruction, daily workouts, nutrition/supplement guides to help navigate the choices since not everyone knows the proper ways to take Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine, for example. The site is free, yet a monthly fee gives you premium access to more videos and workouts!

Inner Titan is a great site for helping you develop a plan to attain your ideal body. The site’s Build a Plan section allows its user to choose their gender and personal goals accordingly. Inner Titan will shape your plan to get slim, build muscle, enhance strength, or be all around undefeatable. The site then takes your individual goal and pairs it with your level of activity, ranging from little to no exercise, to two workouts a day. It takes into consideration your age, weight, height, and goal weight to construct a specific workout routine just for you, and offers variations on how to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Inner Titan also recommends a dietary plan for your ideal caloric, protein, carb, and fat intake based on muscle replenishment tailored to your workouts, and how many pounds you would like to lose per week.

Tesco’s RealFood site is great because it provides a ton of variation and it’s free! Aside from just a meal planner, the site offers guides to cooking on a budget, healthy recipes, lunch on the go, and has an online recipe binder to save your favorites. RealFood tailors your meal plan to foods that are in season, which allows for some seriously tasty recipes. You can choose from a 5 or 7 day plan, and it even lets you choose which meals to include in your plan for those of us whose breakfast more often than not is just a cup of coffee on the go. It also takes into consideration the amount of time you’d like to spend preparing each meal, and allows for dietary preferences.  RealFood then creates a really diverse meal plan complete with recipes, instructions, cook time, and nutritional values, along with the option to shop ingredients directly from the Tesco site.

Setting the stage to diet and exercise right can be a big undertaking, so why to do it all on your own? Take a look at these online resources and find what fits for you. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to achieving your personal fitness and nutrition goals.