From jungle gyms to pavilions, see-saws to walking paths, Pittsburgh has a plethora of park and playground options to choose from.  Use the map and information on this page to find local parks, playgrounds, resources, and more.






52nd Street Parklet, Upper Lawrenceville

57th Street Playground, Upper Lawrenceville

Able Long Parklet, Beechview

Al "Turk" Graham Parklet, Crawford Roberts

Allegheny Center Plaza, Allegheny Center

Allegheny Commons Park, Allegheny Center

Allegheny Landing Park, Allegheny Center

Allegheny Riverfront Park, Allegheny Center

Alpine Parklet, Central Northside

Alton Playground, Beechview

Ammon Playground, Bedford Dwellings

Arlington Playground, Southside Slopes

Armstrong Playground, Southside Flats

Arsenal Park, Lower Lawrenceville

Banksville School Field, Banksville

Baxter Parklet, Homewood North

Beechview Monument, Beechview

Bigbee Field, Allentown

Blair Playground, Hazelwood

Bloomfield Playground, Bloomfield

Bon Air Parklet, Bon Air

Boundary Street Parklet, Central Oakland

Brady's Run Park, Beaver Falls

Brighton Heights Park, Brighton Heights

Brookline Memorial Park, Brookline

Bud Hammer Playground, Hazelwood

Burgwin Playground, Hazelwood

Carmalt School, Overbrook

Catalano Parklet, Spring Garden

Chadwick Playground, Lincoln

Cliffside Parklet, Crawford Roberts

Cowley Playground, Troy Hill

Crafton Heights Tot Lot, Westwood

Crescent School, East Hills

Cross & Strauss Parklet, Perry South

Dallas Parklet, Homewood West

Davis Parklet, Squirrel Hill South

Deer Lakes Park, Tarentum

Devlin Playground, Arlington

Dinan Playground, Stanton Heights

Dormont Park, Dormont

Dunbar Playground, Crafton Heights

Duncan Parklet, Upper Lawrenceville

Dunseith Tot Lot, West Oakland

East Carnegie Parklet, East Carnegie

East Hills Park, East Hills

East Liberty Park, East Liberty

Eleanor Street Parklet, Southside Slopes

Elizabeth Street Tot Lot, Hazelwood

Elm Leaf Park, Baldwin

Enright Parklet, East Liberty

Esplen Tot Lot, Esplen

Fairhaven Park, McKees Rocks

Fairywood Playground, Fairywood

Fineview Playground, Fineview

Flynn Parklet, Highland Park

Fort Pitt Playground, Garfield

Four Mile Run Park, Greenfield

Fowler Playground, Perry South

Frank Curto Park, Strip District

Frazier Playground, Squirrel Hill South

Frick Park, Squirrel Hill South

Friendship Park, Bloomfield


Gardner Field, Troy Hill

Garland Parklet, East Liberty

Gladstone Field, Hazelwood

Grandview Park, Allentown

Granville Parklet, Crawford Roberts

Harrison Hills Park, Natrona Heights

Hartwood Acres Park, Hampton Township

Hays Parklet, Hays

Herschel Playground, Elliott

Heth's Playground, Morningside

Highland Park, Highland Park

Hillman State Park, Burgettstown

Homewood North Parklet, Homewood North

Homewood Playground, Homewood South

Horace Mann School, Marshall-Shadeland

Jefferson Playground, Central Northside

Joe Natoli Field, Morningside

Kennard Playground, Terrace Village

Kings Estate, Highland Park

Kite Hill Parklet, Garfield

Larimer Playground, Larimer

Lawn & Ophelia Parklet, South Oakland

Legion Memorial Park, Brighton Heights

Leister Parklet, Spring Hill-City View

Leolyn Parklet, Carrick

Leslie Park, Lawrenceville

Lewis Parklet, Hazelwood

Liberty School, Shadyside

Lincoln Place Parklet, Lincoln Place

Linden School, Point Breeze

Lookout Parklet, Troy Hill

Magee Playground, Greenfield

Manchester Park, Manchester

Manchester Playground, Manchester

Marmaduke Playground, Brighton Heights

Marshall-California Parklet, Marshall-Shadeland

Martin Luther King Field, Terrace Village

McBride Park, Lincoln Place

McCandless Tot Lot, Upper Lawrenceville

McGonigle Playground, Sheraden

McKinley Park, Beltzhoover

McKnight Playground, Manchester

Mellon Park, Shadyside

Mellon Square Park, Central Business District

Mingo Creek Park, Finleyville

Mission Street Field, Southside Slopes

Monongahela Park, Southside Slopes

Moore Park, Brookline

Moraine State Park, Portersville

Mt. Washington Park, Mount Washington

Mutual Parklet, Sheraden

Nelson Mandela Peace Park, Garfield

Niagara Parklet, South Oakland

North Strabane Municipal Park, Canonsburg

Northshore Riverfront Park, North Shore

Oakwood Playground, Mount Washington

Olympia Park, Mount Washington

Ormsby Playground, Southside Flats

Osceola Parklet, Bloomfield

Overbrook School Field, Overbrook

Panorama Field, New Homestead

Pauline Parklet, Beechview

Paulson Playground, Lemington

Phillip Murray Playground, Mount Oliver

Phillips Park, Carrick

Point State Park, Downtown


Quarry Field, Southside Slopes

Raccoon Creek State Park, Hanover Township

Ream Parklet, Mount Washington

Revenue Parklet, New Homestead

Riverside Park, Oakmont

Riverview Park, Perry North

Robert E. Williams Park, Upper HIll

Round Hill Park, Elizabeth

Saline Street Parklet, Greenfield

Schenley Park, Oakland

Settlers Cabin Park, Oakdale

Shaler Parklet, Duquesne Heights

Sheraden Park, Sheraden

South Park, South Park

South Side Riverfront Park, Southside Flats

Southside Park, Southside Slopes

Spring Garden Playground, Spring Garden

Spring Garden School, Spring Garden

Spring Hill Playground, Northview Heights

Sterrett School, Point Breeze

Stratmore Parklet, Crafton Heights

Sullivan Field, Lower Lawrenceville

Swisshelm Parklet, Swisshelm Park

Townsend Parklet, Elliott

Triangle Park, Central Business District

Tropical Parklet, Beechview

Tustin Tot Lot, Bluff

Vanucci Playground, Beechview

Vincennes Parklet, Middle Hill

Volunteers Field, Carrick

Wabash Park, West End

Warrington Park, Beltzhoover

Warrington Playground, Beltzhoover

West End Park, Elliott

West End-Elliott Overlook, Crafton Heights

West Penn Park, Polish Hill

Westinghouse Park, Point Breeze North

Westwood School, Westwood

White Oak Park, White Oak

Wightman Playground, Squirrel Hill North

Winters Playground, Southside Slopes

Woods Run Tot Lot, Marshall-Shadeland


Allegheny County Parks, Pittsburgh Area

Allegheny County Parks Foundation, Pittsburgh Area

Live Well Allegheny, Allegheny County

Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society, Statewide

Pennsylvania State Parks, Statewide

Pittsburgh Citiparks, Pittsburgh

U.S. National Park Service, Nationwide


Friends of North Park, Wexford

Friends of Raccoon Creek State Park, Hanover Township

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Pittsburgh Area

Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative, Pittsburgh Area

Trail Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Area


Playground World, 2 locations