100+ Activities & Things To Do in Pittsburgh, PA

By: Kayla Casavant  •  Angela Schafer  •  Cassidy Zimmerman

The Best Attractions And Places To Enjoy Sports & Recreation In The Pittsburgh Area

There is an endless amount of things to do in the Greater Pittsburgh area and Western Pennsylvania. From family entertainment to popular attractions to unique activities, it’s no wonder Pittsburgh is consistently named a great tourist destination as well as one of the best places in the country to live, work and play. Whether planning a quick trip to the city or looking for something new to try, there’s enough going on to keep you busy from sunup till sundown. Explore a full range of local opportunities to be active and plan your next adventure with this Active Pittsburgh list of over 100 activities & things to do in Pittsburgh, PA

1. Bike Share

healthy ride bike share rental stations are placed throughout the city of pittsburgh

Over the years, Pittsburgh has become increasingly bike-friendly. The growing number of bike trails is complemented by Healthy Ride, a service that allows users to rent out bikes for 30-minute or hour-long intervals. Stations are conveniently placed throughout the city so riders can return or renew their rentals upon arriving at their destination.

Find other bike rental locations, along with bike shops and local biking resources on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

2. Trampoline Parks

open bounce hours at an indoor trampoline park in pittsburgh pennsylvania

If you’ve never experienced a trampoline park before, you need to add it to your ASAP list. There are a number of indoor trampoline facilities, such as Flight Trampoline Park, located throughout the Pittsburgh area. Each center typically offers open jump hours for the public, as well as birthday parties and private group rentals. Some places even run special programs such as dodgeball, basketball and fitness classes, all on a trampoline!

Visit our Amusement in Pittsburgh page to explore other fun and exciting attractions.

3. Driving Ranges & Mini Golf

the driving range at Vietmeier Golf Center near Pittsburgh pennsylvania there are many places to play mini golf in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Annette Vietmeier, Elias Wilson)

One of the best things about golf is there are a number of different ways to enjoy the game. And if you’re not looking to spend the better part of a day on the pro course, driving ranges and mini golf are a perfect alternative. Hit a bucket of balls for a few bucks at ranges such as Vietmeier Golf Center or test your putting skills at places like Glen’s Mini Golf. Take your friends or family to a nearby location and work toward that perfect game.

Recent renovations to our field by pond contractors have made our course one of the more scenic ones available today. Visit our Golf in Pittsburgh page to find a driving range or mini golf course near you.

4. Kayaking

kayaks are available for rent in downtown pittsburgh on the allegheny river
(Credit: Venture Outdoors)

Open Memorial Day through the summer months, Kayak Pittsburgh provides hourly rentals and group rates from their locations at the North Shore, North Park and Aspinwall Riverfront Park. In addition to their famous yellow kayaks, they also offer bike rentals, stand up paddle boards, rowboats, canoes and pedal boats. Paddling on the three rivers especially provides a unique way to explore downtown Pittsburgh and take in the beautiful cityscape.

Visit our Kayaking & Paddle Boarding in Pittsburgh page for a full list of resources and places to paddle in the area.

5. Table Tennis

pittsburgh table tennis clubs

Put your hand-eye coordination to the test through the fun and challenging game of ping pong. The Pittsburgh Oakland Table Tennis Club and South Park Table Tennis Club are both located in the Pittsburgh area and welcome all interested parties. The amateur Ping Pong Festival also takes place in autumn annually, giving players an opportunity to prove their skills for awards and cash prizes.

Explore other opportunities and resources on our Badminton & Table Tennis in Pittsburgh page.

6. Studio Cycling

a spinning instructor leads a studio cycling class at steel revolution pittsburgh
(Credit: Alison Mears)

Crank up the RPMs and let the sweat drip. Studio cycling is a great way to meet new people and get a full cardio workout. Studios such as Steel Revolution Pittsburgh offer a variety of spinning based workouts, complete with a motivating atmosphere and upbeat music. Memberships, bundles and drop-ins are all offered, and anyone regardless of experience is welcome to join.

Find a full list of spinning classes and cycling resources on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

7. Barre Fitness

the barre code offers ballet inspired classes in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Meredith Ward)

Barre exercise classes have become all the rage for people seeking intensive, low-impact workouts. This emerging fitness method combines elements of ballet, dance, yoga and Pilates to create a whole workout routine that will leave you sore and asking for more. Pittsburgh is home to several studios, including The Barre Code, which provides a number of barre-inspired fitness programs.

Find other barre studios and fitness classes on our Fitness Clubs & Exercise in Pittsburgh page.

8. Playgrounds

children have fun at a playground in North Park outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Pittsburgh is home to several impressive parks – and with parks come playgrounds. Visit Pittsburgh’s oldest park, Allegheny Commons, to explore the duck pond and tree theme playground. Spend a few hours pretending to be royalty while playing through the castle-shaped Kids Kingdom in Avonworth Park. Or, see what newer builds have to offer at places like the Black & Yellow playground at North Park.

Visit our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page to view a complete list of playgrounds in and around the city.

9. Geocaching

geocaching can be enjoyed in many places in and around pittsburgh pennsylvania

Geocaching is one of the best outdoor activities you can do for free – all you need is a smartphone or handheld gps device. If using your phone, simply download the Geocaching app and begin searching for endless amounts of hidden “caches” that were placed by other people. In the Pittsburgh area alone there are thousands of hidden caches, enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

Visit our Outdoor Adventure in Pittsburgh page to learn more about Geocaching and other activities you can enjoy outside.

10. Yoga Meetups

free yoga classes are offered throughout the city of pittsburgh

With the ever-present popularity of yoga, there are always opportunities to enjoy this activity outside the traditional studio. Free pop-up yoga events, such as Yoga In The Square, are great ways for you to mix up your routine, meet new people and support your community’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Find a complete list of yoga studios and instructors on our Yoga & Pilates in Pittsburgh page.

 11. Dog Parks

there are many public dog parks in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Your four legged friends need to be active too, and lucky for them there are a quite a few public dog parks in the Pittsburgh area to choose from. Bernard Dog Run, South Side Dog Park, Frick Park Off-Leash Exercise Area and Squaw Valley Park are just the beginning of the list. So make sure you set some time aside for your friendly companion, take them to a dog park and set them free from that leash.

View the full list of public and private dog parks on our Dogs in Pittsburgh page.

12. Arcades

arcades in pittsburgh offer fun games such as skee ball, pinball and duck pin bowling

There are a handful of arcades scattered throughout Pittsburgh where both kids and adults can simply have fun playing games. Located in the Southside, Games N’ At is known for housing timeless games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Area 51 and Addams Family Pinball. In addition to classic video games, they have traditional games such as skee ball, air hockey and duck pin bowling. Arcades are a great way to relive the past while enjoying some of the finer things in life.

Visit our Amusement in Pittsburgh page to find a list of arcades and other places to have fun.

13. Pedal Bars

people ride through the streets of pittsburgh on a mobile bicycle bar

Adults- do you want to brush up on your pedaling skills? Whether or not you’re an experienced cyclist, getting on the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler and pedaling around town should be on your list of things to do in Pittsburgh. The North Shore, the Strip District and Lawrenceville currently offer routes, with more coming soon. Groups are limited to eight to 16 adults and the tour lasts about two hours. So grab a pint and enjoy exploring the city in a truly fun and unique way.

Find the Party Pedaler & other forms of entertainment on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

14. Rugby

a player from the pittsburgh rugby football club makes a tackle during a game
(Credit: Nicole Beswick)

If you’re looking for a good way blow off that built up aggression, the sport of rugby might be the answer. There are a handful of well established rugby clubs in the Pittsburgh area, but the Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club is the area’s oldest and largest club operating since 1964. The rugby club is open to players of all abilities and competes at different levels locally, regionally, and nationally.

Explore other rugby clubs and resources on our Rugby in Pittsburgh page.

15. CrossFit

crossfit gyms provide community fitness in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Community fitness is all the craze, and for good reason. CrossFit provides a group fitness atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive to anyone that joins. Most places offer membership packages or drop in options, and some even provide introductory classes.

Explore all of the CrossFit gyms in the area and find one near you on our CrossFit in Pittsburgh page.

16. SportsWorks

kids and adults enjoy hands on exhibits at the highmark sportsworks in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Highmark SportsWorks combines sports and hands on learning for an interactive and fun approach to science. Become a human yo-yo, take a ride on a simulator, and climb a rock wall all in one adventurous afternoon. Exhibits throughout the facility such as LifeWorks, Physics of Sports, and Sports Challenge will stimulate you both physical and mentally.

Find other fun and exciting things to do around the city on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

17. Surfing

people can surf on the three rivers in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Steve Ford)

Made possible by a special boat that produces a surfable wave for people to ride on, Surf Pittsburgh offers wake style surfing up and down the city’s famous three rivers. No need to bring your own surfboard, one will provided for you. Most bookings occur between May and October, but they will take you on the water almost anytime if you are willing to brave the elements.

Visit our Surfing in Pittsburgh page to learn more.

18. Camping

campgrounds in and around pittsburgh pennsylvania

A night under the stars is the perfect getaway. Just a short drive from the city lights, there are plenty of places to pitch your tent and start a fire. Grab some wood, camping gear, stuff to make s’mores and enjoy the rugged splendor of the great outdoors.

Find campgrounds and places to set up your tent on our Camping in Pittsburgh page.

19. Wilderness Survival

survival skills are taught to a group of people in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Erik Kulick)

True North Wilderness Survival School teaches visitors about how to survive in the elements. Their lessons include navigation and wilderness first aid. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or somebody just discovering the great outdoors, True North can help you prepare to explore the world around you.

Find other adventurous activities on our Outdoor Adventure in Pittsburgh page.

20. County Parks

deer lakes county park near pittsburgh pennsylvania boyce county park near pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Nine parks amounting to 12,000 acres comprise the Allegheny County Parks system. Boyce Park, Deer Lakes Park, Harrison Hills Park, Hartwood Acres Park, North Park, Round Hill Park, Settlers Cabin Park, South Park and White Oak Park are all points of interest for locals and visitors. Each park offers something unique such as skiing & snowtubing, ice skating, disc golf, swimming, spray parks, wave pools, dog parks, golf, even BMX tracks and mountain biking trails. Check one out and leave plenty of time to take it all in.

Visit our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page to access all of the county parks and find one near you.

21. Roller Derby

women of the steel city roller derby league compete in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Steven Dalton)

Steel City Roller Derby (SCRD) is an all female roller derby league based in Pittsburgh. And if you’re a passionate woman that likes to throw the occasional elbow, SCRD is a perfect fit. There are five different teams that compete at different levels, and spectators are always encouraged to attend their competitions. So grab a pair of skates, strap on some pads and check’em out.

Explore other roller skating opportunities on our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Pittsburgh page.

22. Bike Tours

people take a guided bike tour in and around the city of pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Kathrin Gassei)

If you love riding bikes and are a sucker for history & tourism, this one is for you. Bike The Burgh Tours will take you on a guided ride in and around the city of Pittsburgh, stopping at iconic and unique landmarks along the way. Explore what to do and where to go on your visit or learn something new about the city you love. Tours range from 7-8 miles and explore various neighborhoods including Oakland, North Shore, and Downtown.

Explore other bike riding opportunities on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

23. Escape Rooms

portrait of andrew carnegie at the escape room in pittsburgh pennsylvania numbered boxes at the escape room in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Joe Deasy)

Put your thinking and creativity to the test and solve your way to freedom. Escape Room Pittsburgh houses a collection of rooms, each containing their own theme, where a group of group of individuals will be locked in isolation for a period of 60 minutes, and are charged with attempting to “escape the room” in time by searching for clues, solving puzzles and ultimately working to find a key that unlocks the room.

Find escape rooms and other fun things to do on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

24. Paintball

there are a number of different places to play paintball in and around pittsburgh pennsylvania

If you want to get a group together and make a mess, the assortment of paintball parks in the Pittsburgh area have you covered. Whether you are a seasoned strategist or new to the sport, you can find a field near you and take part in this strategic game of hit or be hit. If you don’t have your own paintball supplies most places can provide with you equipment for rent or purchase.

View all of the places to play paintball on our Paintball & Airsoft in Pittsburgh page.

25. Fencing

fencing clubs offers classes to youth and adults in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Fencing is a unique sport that has grown in popularity over the past few years. The Pittsburgh area is home to quite a few clubs where people of all skill levels can engage in safe and controlled combat of swords and sabers. Take classes or register for competitions with clubs like the Three Rivers Fencing Center. You’ll learn techniques meant to improve the movement and mental capacities needed to succeed in fencing.

Explore of the local fencing clubs and programs on our Fencing in Pittsburgh page.

26. Glow Bowling

cosmic bowling at an alley in pittsburgh pennsylvania

If the sound and excitement of traditional bowling isn’t enough for you, consider adding a blacklight to the mix. Many bowling alleys in the Pittsburgh area now offer glow bowling (or cosmic bowling) sessions where the lighting and other features provide trippy visual effects to your bowling experience.

Find a full list of bowling alleys on our Bowling in Pittsburgh page.

27. Seven Springs

the lodge at seven springs mountain resort near pittsburgh pennsylvania

Seven Springs Mountain Resort has a heap of activities that can keep you busy for days upon days. In addition to housing the area’s most popular ski resort, Seven Springs offers other activities such as horseback riding, clay shooting, roller skating, mountain biking, golf and bowling. Snowy weather doesn’t have to be the only reason to visit, because this place is bustling with activity all year long.

Explore other opportunities to enjoy the snow and outdoors on our Skiing, Snowboarding & Sled Riding & Outdoor Adventure in Pittsburgh pages.

28. Swimming Pools

there are many pools open to the public in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Grab your swimsuit and take a dip at an affordable price. Citiparks Outdoor Pools are located in various parks throughout Pittsburgh. With over 15 locations, swimmers can access the water no matter what neighborhood they live in. Passes are available for as little as $5 for the day or $30 for the season. Lessons, swim meets, and other programs are held regularly throughout the spring and summer.

Find a full list of public pools and other swimming resources on our Swimming in Pittsburgh page.

29. Running & Hiking Trails

a couple jogs along a trail at deer lakes park in pittsburgh pennsylvania a hiking trail at schenley park in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Opportunities for running, walking and hiking in Pittsburgh are nearly endless. Popular City parks like Schenley Park and Frick Park house meandering tree covered trails right in the heart of Pittsburgh, while Allegheny County parks such as Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum offer more spacious routes in the suburbs. Loops, paths, tracks and trails are literally everywhere you look, making it that much easier to lace up your shoes get a quick walk or jog in.

Find a full list of tracks, trails and greenways on our Running & Walking in Pittsburgh page.

30. Skateparks

tony hawk skates in front of a pittsburgh crowd at pitcher park memorial skate park in carnegie pennsylvania
(Credit: Tony Hawk Foundation)

There are a lot of awesome skate parks in and around Pittsburgh, but one of the area’s newest additions is worth noting. Made possible by the Tony Hawk Foundation, Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark is a state of the art multi-use public facility enjoyed by skateboarders, BMX bike riders, and rollerbladers. Among other things, the all-concrete skatepark features a full pipe 20 feet in diameter and 24 feet long.

Check out other skateparks and shops on our Skateboarding in Pittsburgh page.

31. Climbing Walls

there are a number of indoor and outdoor climbing walls in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Rock climbing is a unique activity that is both fun and challenging. Strap on a harness and climb a route to the top or go harness free and work on your technical skills on a lower bouldering wall. There are a handful of indoor climbing walls and outdoor ropes courses that offer open hours, climbing certifications and group events. Most places will provide you with the equipment you need to climb, but you may also bring your own if you have it.

View a full list of climbing walls and high ropes courses on our Climbing in Pittsburgh page.

32. Boxing

a boxing match at wolfpack boxing in pittsburgh pennsylvania

If you really want to tough it out and feel the burn, you ought to give boxing a try. A blue collar town at it’s core, Pittsburgh has a number of well established boxing clubs that cater to various levels and abilities. Places such as Wolfpack Boxing Club in Carnegie offer intro classes through advanced training, they even have a boxing program for those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

Explore other boxing gyms and resources on our Boxing in Pittsburgh page.

33. Martial Arts

children and adults take part in martial arts classes in pittsburgh pennsylvania

If you didn’t think martial arts were popular, think again. Practically everywhere you look in Pittsburgh, there are dojos or martial arts classes to be found. One of the great things about martial arts is there are so many different styles to choose from; karate, tae kwon do, judo, jiu jitsu, just to name a few. From beginner to advance competition to self-defense classes, it’s a wide-ranging activity worth exploring.

Find places to practice karate, taekwondo, judu, mma and more on our Martial Arts in Pittsburgh page.

34. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

stand up paddleboarding rentals in pittsburgh pennsylvania

With all of the flat water surrounding the city, it’s only fitting that Pittsburgh has become a great place to enjoy the growing activity of stand up paddleboarding. There are a number of SUP companies, such as Northeast Paddleboard Co., in and around the city that offer anything from hourly rentals to full service paddle board shops. Staff members will go over tips, tricks and safety techniques to help you get comfortable and have fun on the water. A number of places even have special offers such as night time paddling, guided tours, and fitness classes such as SUP yoga.

Find where you can rent paddle boards and kayaks on our Kayaking & Paddle Boarding in Pittsburgh page.

35. Blue Slide Park

people enjoy the blue slide at frick park in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Located in Squirrel Hill, Blue Slide Park is one of the city’s most favored playgrounds. Featuring a concrete slide that is best ridden on a piece of cardboard, the park has become as iconic as it is fun. In addition to the slide, there’s a multiple story playground complete with climbing and play features, swings and a toddler lot. The myriad of ladders, bridges, slides and swings is enough to keep both kids and adults preoccupied for quite a while.

Find a full list of playgrounds and find one near your on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

36. Segway Tours

a segway tour circles around the fountain at point state park
(Credit: Gene Stull)

Tour the ‘Burgh in style. Segway Pittsburgh provides an unforgettable experience, while also allowing groups to tailor their tour by choosing from a variety of packages. Go for a standard tour of Downtown Pittsburgh, or try a more unique Holiday Lights or Sunset Segway Tour.

Find segway rentals and other fun ways to explore the area on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

37. Pole Fitness

fitness with a twist teaches pole fitness classes in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Vanessa Russo)

Fitness with a Twist is just that. Learn the basics of pole fitness in their Pole 101 course, specifically tailored towards those who are apprehensive of this risque form of exercise. They also cover Burlesque, Full Body Toning, and various levels of expertise for members who wish to become fully involved. For specialized, one-night events, check out their Bachelorette Party packages, or 90 minute BYOB Party sessions.

Explore this and other fitness opportunities on our Fitness Clubs & Exercise in Pittsburgh page.

38. Hot Yoga

people participate in a hot yoga class in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Yogis everywhere are raving about hot yoga. As the name implies, this style is practiced in a hot, humid room creating conditions that enhance flexibility. The elevated temperature also helps yogis rid their bodies of toxins through increased perspiration. Many Pittsburgh studios like Yoga Factory offer heated classes for a unique twist on traditional yoga flow.

Find hot yoga and other classes on our Yoga & Pilates in Pittsburgh page.

39. Cricket

the pittsburgh cricket association has several clubs throughout pittsburgh pennsylvania

Even though the sport of cricket is much more popular in other parts of the world, there are still opportunities to play here. The Pittsburgh Cricket Association houses a league of cricket clubs based out of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The league manages organized play between the clubs and promotes the growth of cricket at local, national and international levels. Interested players are encored to contact a member of the executive committee to learn more about opportunities to become involved.

Find where to play cricket and other resources on our Cricket in Pittsburgh page.

40. Kennywood

people ride the jack rabbit at kennywood amusement park in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Both kids and adults can enjoy the many different attractions at Kennywood Amusement Park. Complete with roller coasters, thrill rides, interactive games and kiddie land, there’s something for everyone and enough to keep you busy from open till close. Located just outside of Pittsburgh in West Mifflin, Kennywood is in full operation during the spring and summer months and has special attractions and holiday displays during the fall and winter.

Find other thrill satisfying activities on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

41. Roller Skating

roller skating at neville island in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Sophie Park)

No matter how old you are roller skating is always a blast. One of Pittsburgh’s long-lasting public skating rinks, the Neville Roller Drome keeps it fun and simple offering weekly public skating sessions, learn to skate lessons and private party rentals. Located in Neville Township, the skating center is just a short drive from downtown Pittsburgh and is right off Interstate 79, so it can be easily accessed from many different parts of the Pittsburgh area.

Find a full list of roller skating rinks on our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Pittsburgh page.

42. Running Tours

trista yerks leads a guided running tour through a neighborhood in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Trista Yerks)

Take in Pittsburgh history and get some exercise while doing it. Pittsburgh Running Tours provides guided runs through various neighborhoods within the city and shares interesting facts along the way. Each route is roughly the distance of a 5k, and stops intermittently at iconic landmarks and popular attractions. Participants are encouraged to wear proper running attire and must register for the tour in advance.

Explore other running opportunities and resources on our Running & Walking in Pittsburgh page.

43. Wave Pools

the wave pool at south park in allegheny county
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Located in and around Pittsburgh, Boyce Park, Settler’s Cabin Park, South Park and Sandcastle Waterpark all have public wave pools that operate through the summer months. Daily passes are offered at affordable rates and other items such as inflatable rafts are available for rent. Enjoy soaking in the shallow water or float on the waves as they roll through the pool.

Explore other opportunities to enjoy the water on our Swimming in Pittsburgh page.

44. Tennis

clay tennis courts at frick park in pittsburgh pennsylvania children take place in youth tennis programs at mellon park in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Kambiz Photography)

Tennis is a great activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, and if you need a place to play there are plenty of courts to choose from. Some of the more unique tennis facilities include Frick Park’s clay tennis courts, which opened in 1930, and the Mellon Park tennis center, which boasts the only indoor tennis facility within the city limits. Grab a couple rackets and play a casual game of tennis with friend or find a tennis league to practice and compete with.

Explore a full list of tennis courts, tennis programs & resources on our Tennis in Pittsburgh page.

45. Disc Golf

there are several frisbee disc golf courses in the pittsburgh area that are free to the public

If you’ve never tried disc golf, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. The greater Pittsburgh area has several public disc golf courses that are free to play – all you need is a disc. And if you’re really into the sport, there are a number of organized flying disc leagues that meet and compete on a regular basis.

Check out all of the Pittsburgh area disc golf courses on our Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee in Pittsburgh page.

46. Schenley Park

schenley park overlooks the downtown pittsburgh city skyline

Schenley Park’s 456 acres provide plenty of space to enjoy nature right in the City of Pittsburgh. Head into the woods through one of several meandering tree-covered trails, play a round of disc golf, enjoy a game of tennis, take a jog around the 400 meter running track, or simply take in the city skyline from Overlook Dr.

Check out this and every Pittsburgh park on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

47. Rowing

members of the steel city rowing club practice on the Allegheny River
(Credit: Lucy Tuttle-Smith)

In the city of three rivers there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sport or rowing. The Steel City Rowing Club in particular offers a variety of programs such as introductory classes, youth clinics, masters practice and indoor winter rowing. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just looking to give it a try, there are several clubs that keep their doors open to anyone.

Find a full list of clubs and places to go rowing on our Rowing in Pittsburgh page.

48. Gymnastics

children and youth take part in gymnastics tumbling classes in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Many gymnastics places and dance studios in the Pittsburgh area offer a wide variety of programs for almost anyone to enjoy. Sign the little ones up for a beginner gymnastics class that covers all of the basics or join a team that trains and competes at varying levels. Some places even offer open gym hours where the entire family can jump, twist, tumble, and run around.

View a full list of gymnastics programs and gyms on our Gymnastics & Parkour in Pittsburgh page.

 49. Sports Centers

the sports complex on neville island in pittsburgh pennsylvania has an indoor golf driving range

Let the inner athlete thrive and enjoy playing one of several tradtional sports. There are a handful of athletic complexes scatted throughout Pittsburgh that specialize in running organized sports programs for all to enjoy. The RMU Island Sports Center is a massive complex that sits on 32 acres at the tip of Neville Island and plays host to a bunch of different activities. Hit the ice during a public skating session or register for one of their figure skating programs. Grab a putter and play a round of mini golf with your friends and family or take a private lesson with a registered golf pro. The sports center even has a full size football/soccer/lacrosse field that is covered by a huge inflatable dome. In fact, the structure is so large it even houses an indoor golf driving range!

Find this and other traditional sport opportunities Football in Pittsburgh, Golf in Pittsburgh, Lacrosse in Pittsburgh, and  Soccer in Pittsburgh pages.

50. Basketball

pickup basketball is played in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Basketball is a great way to work in some exercise and maintain that competitive edge. Pickup leagues such as the Pittsburgh Basketball Group aim to get people of all ages and abilities involved in the game. Most basketball leagues will run open gym hours as well as coordinate games and special tournaments throughout the year. Whether you are an older adult looking to have fun on the court or a baller still playing above the rim, the Pittsburgh area has a lot of basketball groups to choose from.

Find other basketball clubs, leagues and basketball courts on our Basketball in Pittsburgh page.

 51. Point State Park

mt washington overlooking the fountain at point state park in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Located at the convergence of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, this National Historic Landmark is one of the city’s most iconic attractions. The large, beautiful fountain provides the perfect picnic spot where visitors can enjoy scenic views of Mt. Washington, Heinz Field, PNC Park, and the famous steel bridges. The park is connected to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system and serves as a common venue for concerts, festivals and events.

Find this other state parks in the area on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

52. Bike Rentals

golden triangle bike rentals along the three rivers heritage trail in pittsburgh pennsylvania

One of the greatest ways to explore the city of Pittsburgh is by way of its growing network of bike lanes and trails. And if you don’t have the means to lug your bike to these riding locations, have no fear, there are a number of bike rental options in and around the city to choose from. Golden Triangle Bike Rental has been around for over 10 years and is situated along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail right in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Find this and other rental locations and places to ride your bike on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

53. Curling

the pittsburgh curling club practices at the rmu island sports center in neville township
(Credit: Brian Stuart)

If you’re interested in learning more about the unique sport of curling, the Pittsburgh Curling Club is the place to go. Operating out of the RMU Island Sports Center in Neville Township, the curling club holds routine practice sessions and competes throughout the year. They even offer learn-to-curl sessions for those simply wanting to give it a try.

Find this and other curling opportunities on our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Pittsburgh page.

54. Canton Avenue

canton avenue in pittsburgh pennsylvania is one of the steepest streets in the world

If you’re an avid cyclist or bike rider looking for a challenge, Canton Avenue is the place to go. Located in Pittsburgh’s Beechview neighborhood, it’s recognized as one of the steepest streets in the world. With a 37% grade at it’s sharpest point, even motorized vehicles struggle to make it up this road. If you look close enough, you’ll notice the “sidewalk” is simply a cascade of stairs. You’ll definitely want to have your bike in it’s granny gear while cranking up this bully.

Explore other places to ride bikes on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

55. Phipps Conservatory

phipps conservatory green house and gardens in pittsburgh pennsylvania

For a more tranquil, relaxing experience, the Phipps Conservatory is the perfect destination. Nestled on the outskirts of Pittsburgh’s bustling Oakland neighborhood, the Conservatory contains a breathtaking collection of plants, architecture, and artwork all housed within a historic greenhouse complex. Be sure to check out their running list of events, programs and classes.

Find where to enjoy more of nature’s beauty on our Hiking in Pittsburgh page

56. Rachel Carson Trail

the rachel carson trail is located just north of pittsburgh pennsylvania

The Rachel Carson Trail is a 35-mile hiking trail located just outside Pittsburgh. The V-shaped course passes through several townships in Allegheny County and includes varying degrees of terrain throughout. The well traveled trail showcases the rugged beauty of Western Pennsylvania and is a perfect venue for someone looking to take in the great outdoors for a couple hours or enjoy the challenge of a day-long adventure. All terrain shoes are recommended for most parts of the trail.

Visit our Hiking in Pittsburgh page to access a full list of hiking trails and resources.

57. Spray Parks

kids enjoy free water parks at several locations throughout the city of pittsburgh

Open during the spring and summer months, toddlers to teenagers to adults can beat the heat at one of several spray parks in and around Pittsburgh. With water features installed over a concrete or rubber patio surface, water parks don’t require swimming skills. And most locations are free and wheelchair accessible so they can be enjoyed by literally anyone. Nestled within Citiparks such as Beechview, Burgwin, East Hills, Shadyside, Troy Hill, Warrington and County Parks such as Deer Lakes and Round Hill, its easy to find a nearby spray park to splash around and stay cool.

Find a full list of spray parks and other water attractions on our Swimming Pittsburgh page.

58. Ultimate Frisbee

a game of ultimate frisbee is played at a stadium in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Christie Lawry)

The sport of Ultimate has gained quite the following in the Greater Pittsburgh area over the past few years and the thriving community of Pittsburgh Ultimate can take a bulk of the credit for the sport’s local success. Focusing on pillars of fun, excellence, growth and community this organization is committed to instilling life-long values through the game as much as they are dedicated to helping the sport grow to the next level. In addition to fostering growth of the sport, Pittsburgh Ultimate organizes leagues, tournaments, camps and clinics in and around the city.

Find this organization and other opportunities to play Ultimate on our Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee in Pittsburgh page.

59. Paddling Lessons

larry gioia of dynamic paddlers teaches kayaking to a client in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Larry Gioia)

If you know someone who wants to learn how to kayak or needs a little help taking to the water, Dynamic Paddlers has the answer. Specializing in paddling instruction for individuals of all abilities, these guys provide hands-on lessons and training courses to anyone from youth groups to first time kayakers to individuals with special needs.

Find this organization and other paddling resources on our Kayaking & Paddle Boarding in Pittsburgh page.

60. White Water Rafting

the falls at ohiopyle state park near pittsburgh pennsylvania white water rafting at ohiopyle near pittsburgh pennsylvania

Located about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, Ohiopyle State Park is the place to go if you’re looking for a white water adventure. The town itself is home to a number of outdoor companies that provide guided river tours or raft rentals for your group to hit the Youghiogheny River rapids. Ohiopyle is also a great area to spend an afternoon hiking, biking and sight seeing or to book a weekend getaway at a local bed and breakfast or nearby campground.

Visit our Kayaking & Paddling in Pittsburgh page to view a list of excursion outfitters and white water rafting tour companies.

61. Outdoor Adventure / Outdoors Groups

the explorers club of pittsburgh display their flag atop a mountain
(Credit: Ron Edwards)

If you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, you won’t be able to get enough of the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh. Enjoying everything from caving to slacklining to adventure racing, the club schedules routine trainings and group outings of the adventure sports and activities that outdoor enthusiasts love.

Find this group and other resources on our Outdoor Adventure in Pittsburgh page.

62. Pilates

the pilates center of pittsburgh offers personal and group training sessions
(Credit: Lesley Davenport)

Pilates is a unique fitness method that uses a special apparatus to perform movements and exercises that improve strength and flexibility. The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh takes a hands on approach to help clients of all abilities work toward their fitness goals. In addition to structured classes, the center organizes special events and instructor workshops.

Find a complete list of Pilates studios and instructors on our Yoga & Pilates in Pittsburgh page.

63. Personal Training

a personal trainer works with a client

Sometimes it helps to have a little extra motivation to work on your physical fitness goals. Meeting with a personal trainer is a great way to evaluate your wellness needs and develop a plan that will get you where you want to be. Luckily there are plenty of certified personal trainers in the Pittsburgh area to choose from.

Visit our Personal Training in Pittsburgh page to find a trainer or studio near you.

64. Running Clubs

there are several social running clubs in the pittsburgh area

Joining a running club is a great way to be active, meet new people and have some accountability for routine exercise. Clubs such as the Steel City Road Runners coordinate group runs, training plans, seminars, themed races and special events giving members something to do and train for all year round. Membership perks through a running club typically include race discounts, social events, and access to coaches among other things.

Find other running clubs and useful resources on our Running & Walking in Pittsburgh page.

65. Scuba Diving

a number of dive centers in pittsburgh offer scuba certification classes

Although Pittsburgh doesn’t have any nearby lakes or oceans, there’s still no shortage of scuba diving activity in and around the city. Companies like the Pittsburgh Scuba Center routinely offer scuba certification courses and organize group trips to popular scuba diving locations.

Find other dive centers and scuba resources on our Scuba Diving in Pittsburgh page.

66. Wildwood Highlands

wildwood highlands north of pittsburgh offers a variety of family fun and entertainment
(Credit: Mary Beth Rutledge)

Go Karts, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats and Water Wars are only a few of the activities that are available at Wildwood Highlands. All ages are welcome at the year-round facility. Whether you go on a date or out a group of friends, this family friendly entertainment complex has enough to keep everyone having fun for an entire afternoon or evening.

Find this an other family friendly locations on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

67. Dragon Boating

steel city dragon boating in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Race on the water in a traditional paddling style with the Steel City Dragons. Active May through October, many take to the river to try and/or practice this unique water sport. Groups as large as 40 people will practice teamwork and synchronization, while learning the best skills and techniques for paddling through the water.

Access information on dragon boating and other rowing clubs on our Rowing in Pittsburgh page.

68. The Wheel Mill

a girl rides one of the ramps at the wheel mill in homewood a warehouse full of ramps and trails at the wheel mill
(Credit: Michael Potoczny)

Lauded as Pittsburgh’s first and only indoor bike park, The Wheel Mill is a wooden mecca of ramps, trails and elements bike lovers can’t get enough of. Located in the Homewood neighborhood of the city’s east end, this large warehouse that spans an entire block has amenities such as a pump track, jump room, mountain bike runs, a mini ramp and skate park. Daily/Season passes, bike rentals and lessons are offered throughout the year.

Find this location and other fun places to ride bikes on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

69. Horseback Riding

many horse stables and equestrian centers in pittsburgh offer horseback riding lessons

Just a short drive in any direction from the city can land you at one of many locations to ride horses. The Pittsburgh area is riddled with horse stables, equestrian centers and horse friendly trails that can be enjoyed by anyone from first time riders to seasoned horsemen.

Find a complete list of equestrian resources and where to ride horses on our Horseback Riding in Pittsburgh page.

70. Adult Sports Leagues

pittsburgh sports league adult coed flag football is played in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Adult sports leagues provide the opportunity to remain active, engage in friendly competition and make new connections personally and professionally. Basketball, soccer, dodgeball, flag football, bowling, cornhole, volleyball and more are organized through recreational sports organizations such as the Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL).

Find more information on various sports leagues through our Active Pittsburgh Directory page.

71. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

bike riding running and walking is enjoyed along the three rivers in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Amounting to a total of 24-miles, this network of waterfront trails span up and down portions of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers right in the heart of Pittsburgh. Many people enjoy activities such as walking, running and biking on these trails, connecting popular destinations throughout the city such as the North Shore, Station Square, South Side, the Strip District and Downtown. For those looking to roam greater distances, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail connects to the Great Allegheny Passage, which now extends unbroken the whole way from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.

Find a complete list of trails & greenways on our Hiking in Pittsburgh page.

72. Highland Park

highland park is located in the east end of the city of pittsburgh

One of the more elegant parks located within the city, Highland Park‘s main entrance features two bronze statues situated atop massive concrete columns. The park contains a myriad of recreational amenities including playgrounds, tennis courts, walking trails, sand volleyball courts, a reservoir and public swimming pool. Highland Park is also home to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, a popular attraction for both locals and out of towners.

Find this park and many more on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

73. Dave & Busters

adults and families enjoy food and games at dave and busters in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Visit the Waterfront in Homestead and hit up Dave & Busters for a couple hours. Have a bite to eat in their restaurant, enjoy a drink at the bar or let loose in their enormous arcade and game room. Special offers and promotions are offered throughout the week, so there’s always an incentive to go. Whether its with family, friends or coworkers it’s always a good time.

Explore other fun activities on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

74. Ziplining

tree top ziplines at north park in pittsburgh pa
(Credit: Jessie Hsu)

Located in Allegheny County’s North Park, Go Ape Pittsburgh provides visitors an exciting outdoor experience, featuring several obstacle courses and zip lines all situated within a beautiful forest of trees. Children as young as 10 are permitted to take part in the fun canopy adventure, making this another unique attraction most families should put on their list of things to do.

Find this attraction and other high ropes and challenge courses on our Climbing in Pittsburgh page.

75. PPG Ice Rink & Water Fountain

public skating in mellon square at ppg place in downtown pittsburgh public water feature in mellon square at ppg place in downtown pittsburgh

One of the hallmark venues of downtown Pittsburgh is the favored Market Square and PPG Place complex. Aside from being a central social point with a variety of bars and restaurants, PPG Place is also home to a unique feature that doubles as a water park in the spring & summer, and a public ice skating rink during the fall & winter. No matter what time of year you stop by, it’s almost guaranteed that some sort of activity will be taking place.

Find attractions similar to this one our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Pittsburgh and Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh pages.

76. Sailing

sailing at moraine state park near pittsburgh pennsylvania

The best place in the Pittsburgh area to go sailing is on Lake Arthur in Portersville, about 45 minutes north of the city. The Moraine Sailing Club has been in operation since 1970 and organizes routine sailing meetups, youth programs, competitive races and learn to sail lessons.

View a complete list of sailing opportunities and resources Sailing, Windsurfing & Kiteboarding in Pittsburgh page.

77. Kickboxing

warriors fitness provides kickboxing classes in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Anthony Colonna)

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout that also builds strength. Warriors’s Fitness Boxing specializes in kickboxing infused classes, working with anyone from beginner to advanced levels. They also provide a number of other related programs such as boxing for fitness, circuit training, and a unique spinning & boxing combo workout.

Find this organization and other kickboxing opportunities on our Boxing in Pittsburgh page.

78. Outdoor Recreation / Venture Outdoors

venture outdoors instructors lead a spring hike in pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Jessica Wiegand)

Natures beauty and fresh air are of great importance to those at Venture Outdoors. This member supported non-profit organization teams up with volunteers and professionals throughout the year to deliver hundreds of events and programs including hiking, biking, kayaking, snowshoeing and geocaching. Whether you’re a devoted outdoor enthusiast or a first timer looking to try something new, VO  has something for everyone.

Find this organization and other opportunities to get outside on our Outdoor Adventure in Pittsburgh page.

79. Racquetball & Squash

there are several racquetball clubs and squash courts in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Few things get the heart pumping like racquetball and squash. Both of these sports test your reaction, speed and precision, and are sure to give you great workout.

View a complete list of racquetball & squash clubs, courts and leagues on our Racquetball & Squash in Pittsburgh page.

80. Idlewild

people ride the trolly through daniel tigers neighborhood at idlewild in ligonier pennsylvania

This kid-friendly amusement park located in Ligonier, PA, prides itself on creating life-time memories for the entire family. Long lasting attractions such as Story Book Forest and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (formerly Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) and the Jumpin’ Jungle are enjoyed by kids today, just as their parents enjoyed a generation ago. Let the kids have fun on classic rides such as the carousel or Rollo Coaster, or splash around at the recently expanded SoakZone water park. Idlewild even has a kiddie park section that contains a series of rides open to toddlers.

Find this and other theme parks on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

81. Skydiving

there are several skydiving centers near pittsburgh pennsylvanis

While you can’t actually skydive in city, there are a handful of locations in the greater Pittsburgh area where you can get your adrenaline fix by jumping out of a plane at 10,000+ feet. Most places offer solo and tandem skydiving options, as well as training courses that help you become a professionally certified skydiver.

Find more information on our Skydiving, Hang Gliding & Paragliding in Pittsburgh page.

82. Moraine State Park

a view of lake arthur at moraine state park north of pittsburgh

Located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, Moraine State Park has enough amenities to keep you busy for an entire season. Enjoy water based activities on Lake Arthur including swimming, sailing and windsurfing, or take to the surrounding land to enjoy anything from hiking and camping to biking and horseback riding to picnicking and disc golf.

Find this and other state parks on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

83. Inline Skating

the three rivers inline club skates through the streets of pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Pam Panchak)

The Three Rivers Inline Club (TRIC) has been rolling through the streets of Pittsburgh since 1994. Offering group skate sessions five times a week April through October, the club follows a series of predetermined routes through various neighborhoods within the city. From beginners to advanced skaters, anyone is welcome.

Find this group and other opportunities to enjoy roller skating on our Ice Skating & Roller Skating in Pittsburgh page.

84. Underwear Bike Rides

people ride through the streets of pittsburgh in their underwear
(Credit: Scott Kowalski)

You don’t have to be an experienced cyclist to participate in this unconventional ride. The Pittsburgh Underwear Ride takes place on the last Thursday of the summer months from May to October. Strip down to your bra or boxers, meet up with this spirited community and help promote safe bike riding and a healthy body image. This event is available to those over 21 years of age.

Find other cycling groups and bike riding opportunities on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

85. Dek Hockey

several parks and facilities in pittsburgh pennsylvania have dek hockey courts
(Credit: Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation)

There’s no denying that Pittsburgh is a pure hockey town. Even though ice is the most popular playing surface, there are other options such street hockey or dek hockey that allow the sport to be played by almost anyone, anywhere. Containing the same basic rink layout and rules of play, dek hockey is played on a hard platform surface, enabling players to wear sneakers instead of skates. You can find dek hockey rinks and organized leagues for both youth and adults scattered all throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Find dek hockey programs and other opportunities to play hockey on our Hockey in Pittsburgh page.

86. Aerial Yoga

a woman participates in aerial yoga in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Defy gravity and tone your body simultaneously. Using hammock-like cloth ropes, aerial yoga enhances the practice by suspending you, enabling pose positions that aren’t possible through traditional yoga. Some even argue that aerial yoga further expands you flexibility and range of motion. Verve 360 located downtown offer aerial yoga sessions on a regular basis, and encourages anyone to stop in an give it a try.

Visit our Yoga & Pilates in Pittsburgh page to access all of the yoga studios in the area.

87. Fun Slides

kids play at fun slides in ross township near wexford north of pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Kelsey Madeira)

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark doesn’t require a skateboard, roller blades or bike. Instead, the park uses specially designed discs that are worn under your shoes, enabling you to slide and glide along  their carpet lined ramps and runways. Their black lit facility adds to the intensity by creating a fun and fluorescent atmosphere that is great for group parties or family outings.

Find a complete list of fun things to do on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

88. Skiing & Snowboarding

skiing and snowboarding is enjoyed at boyce park near pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Luckily for Pittsburghers, western Pennsylvania rests on the outskirts of the Appalachian mountain chain. There are a handful of locations for great skiing and snowboarding just a short driving distance from the city. For those looking to find a community of snow lovers to team up with, there are several Pittsburgh based skiing and snowboarding groups that routinely travel to nearby resorts and other destinations.

Find ski & snowboard clubs and nearby ski resorts on our Skiing, Snowboarding & Sled Riding in Pittsburgh page.

89. Salsa Dancing

salsa dancing groups meet at various locations throughout pittsburgh pennsylvania

Practice your Mambo and Cha Cha Cha at one of Pittsburgh’s salsa meetups or take dancing lessons from an experienced instructor. Salsa Pittsburgh is the area’s source of information for organized clubs, weekly dancing opportunities and special events.

Find salsa and other opportunities to dance on our Dancing in Pittsburgh page.

90. Pittsburgh Zoo

pittsburgh-zoo2 pittsburgh-zoo1

Animal lovers rejoice – the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is home several exhibits showcasing thousands of animals from over four hundred species. Buy a daily admission ticket or get even more involved by registering your kids or family members for Zoo Camp during the summer months. Participants in the Veterinary Camp get the opportunity to work with resident zoo vets to learn in-depth information about both the animals and the practice of zoology.

Find this and similar attractions on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

91. Self-Defense Classes

martial arts instructors in pittsburgh pennsylania teach women's self defense classes

Life isn’t always fun and games, sometimes our safety is compromised. Being able to evade a situation or physically defend yourself can make all the difference. Places like Ryer Martial Arts Academy specialize in adult self-defense training and have worked with various groups, equipping both men and women with the confidence and skills to diffuse or fight unsafe circumstances.

View a complete list of martial arts studios and places to take a self-defense class on our Martial Arts in Pittsburgh page.

92. Township Parks

graham park in cranberry township has several full size football and soccer fields graham park in cranberry township has outdoor fitness equipment
(Credit: Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the city parks or county parks, you might find it at a nearby municipality. Many township parks & recreation departments provide amenities and programs to their residents and guests. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Sportsplex at Graham Park is one of the more unique public facilities in the area. Managed by Cranberry Township’s Parks & Recreation department, the complex features 13 lighted playing fields, a dek hockey court, an outdoor fitness center, walking/jogging paths and a Miracle League baseball field.

Find this park and other public facilities on our Parks & Playgrounds in Pittsburgh page.

93. Adaptive Sports

there are many opportunities to play adaptive sports in pittsburgh pennsylvania

The adaptive sports scene in Pittsburgh is vast and active. Some organizations such as Three Rivers Adaptive Sports offer a variety of programs involving anything from bowling to skiing to water sports, and others such as the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers specialize in competitive sports like wheelchair basketball and rugby. Whatever sport or activity you’re interested in, there’s likely an organization in the area that offers an adaptive component to their programming.

Visit our Adaptive Sports in Pittsburgh page to view a full list of disability focused organizations and resources.

94. BMX Racing

riders compete in a race at south park bmx near pittsburgh pennsylvania
(Credit: Allegheny County Parks)

Bicycle motocross is a fun, adrenaline pumping sport that is enjoyed by youth through adults. Originally constructed in 1978 by Bob Tedesco, South Park BMX is by far the most popular venue in Pittsburgh, and one of the more renowned tracks in the country. Local, regional and national level competitions are held routinely, attracting participants and spectators anywhere from surrounding neighborhoods to states several hundreds miles away.

Find this organization and other opportunities for bike riding on our Biking in Pittsburgh page.

95. Parkour

steel city parkour in pittsburgh pennsylvania offers an indoor training facility for gymnastics

Parkour is as equally challenging as it is unique. Also known as freerunning, parkour relies on swift, aerobatic movements to maneuver over, past and through objects and obstacles. Steel City Parkour houses an entire facility dedicated to helping people practice parkour and acrobatics, offering classes from beginner to advanced.

Find this organization and other opportunities to practice parkour on our Gymnastics & Parkour in Pittsburgh page.

96. Bocce

people play a game of bocce through through major league bocce pittsburgh
(Credit: Alex Cappola)

Rather than pushing competition, Major League Bocce focuses on the social aspects of the game. You’ll often find these players with a drink in hand, laughing over a casual game. This fun, low-stakes league even donates a percentage of registration fees to charity in honor of the winning teams.

Find bocce and other lawn game opportunities on our Bocce, Cornhole & Horsehoes in Pittsburgh page.

97. Sandcastle

the lazy river at sandcastle waterpark

Pittsburgh’s largest water park provides family fun all summer long. Visitors can rent a cabana for a more private outing, or plan a birthday party and spend the day surrounded by friends. Between the 15 waterslides, a lazy river and wave pool, Sandcastle will help you beat the heat in style.

Find other water parks and opportunities to swim on our Swimming in Pittsburgh page.

98. Bounce Houses

planet bounce in canonsburg has several inflatable structures kids can play on a girl enjoys the inflatable slide at planet bounce in canonsburg pennsylvania

Planet Bounce has made it their mission to promote exercise and healthy living for both children and adults through bounce houses. This unique premise has led to great success. Family owned, Planet Bounce creates a welcoming community within a safe environment for all ages.

Find bounce houses and other fun attractions on our Amusement in Pittsburgh page.

99. Urban Hiking

urban hike pittsburgh organizes group hiking routes through the streets and neighborhoods of pittsburgh pennsylvania

You don’t need to go off the beaten path to enjoy hiking, a good trek through the city can be just as enjoyable. Urban Hike has been taking to the streets, steps and alleyways of Pittsburgh since 2003, routinely exploring new neighborhoods, landmarks and attractions. The group organizes hikes about once a month, trekking 3-5 miles along a predetermined route and hitting several points of interest along the way.

Browse a full list of hiking resources and trails on our Hiking in Pittsburgh page.

100. Running Stores

fleet feet of pittsburgh houses a full stock of running shoes and organizes weekly group runs
(Credit: Abbey Reighard)

Paying a visit to a dedicated running store can be the key to taking your training to the next level. Fleet Feet Sports delivers hands-on service, ensuring each client is outfitted with the appropriate shoes and gear to hit the ground running safely and comfortably. The experts at Fleet Feet are community focused, providing group runs and coaching sessions throughout the year.

View a full list of running stores and resources on our Running & Walking in Pittsburgh page.

101. Athletic Clubs & Fitness Centers

there are many different athletic clubs and fitness centers in and around pittsburgh pennsylvania

Maintaining a routine fitness regimen is one of the most important keys to a healthy and balanced life. Purchasing a membership at a nearby gym or fitness studio can give you added motivation and accountability to workout more frequently. Many gyms offer a variety of services such as personal training, group exercise classes and spa treatments.

View a full list of gyms and places to workout on our Athletic Clubs & Fitness Centers in Pittsburgh page.

102. Dodgeball

adult dodgeball leagues are offered throughout the pittsburgh area

Who doesn’t love a good game of dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge? If playing a fun game in your neighborhood gymnasium isn’t enough, there are a number of organized adult dodgeball leagues in the Pittsburgh area that will help you unleash the fury on others.

Find more information on our Dodgeball & Kickball in Pittsburgh page.