Top 8 Most Scenic Public Trails in Salt Lake City

By: Bashair Shakir

Salt Lake City is known for its mountains and rivers stretching across the city. Whether you like biking, horse riding, or jogging Salt Lake City comes with a wide range of Parks trails that run through the beautiful view of its nature. The best part is that you get to explore public trails that don’t cost a dime to capture the beauty of the mountains and the streams.

  1. Crestwood Park

sun rising over mountains in Salt Lake City

This trail is in cottonwood heights and is open from 5 am to 11 pm. Little Cottonwood Creek runs through the park and along the trail. You can also get a view of beautiful snow-capped mountains and a trail lined with trees.

2. Dimple Dell Regional Park

man riding a horse near Salt Lake City

Located in a quiet urban area this park is open from dawn until 10 pm. The trail is surrounded by open fields and grass covered mountain . This specific trail is perfect for horse-riding rather than biking. Bella stables is nearby where you can board your horse and get trained or even explore more riding tails.

3. Parley’s Historic Nature Park

rain falling and a rainbow appearing on landscape

This trail gives you a fantastic view of Parley’s canyon and is open to the public 24/7. You can bike, jog or walk your dog off-leash in the dog walking area. The park is a combination of historic and natural sites, so you get to see both while your taking a stroll or cycling.


4. Oxbow Regional Park

river cutting through plains with tree forest in the background

This Park has a trail that extends to 1,000 acres of land and the Sandy river runs through it. While hiking you will see the waterfall and maybe even some dear.

5. Arcadia Trailhead

two bikers biking on a dirt road with a river cutting through the background

This trail is located near Arcadia Heights and is the perfect place for cycling and bikers.

6. Cascade Springs


waterfall cascading through rocks in a forest

Walking along the trail you will find several natural springs, streams, and waterfalls so you will get a full dose of nature.

7. Bells Canyon Waterfall Trail

waterfall over rocks in a forest

Just like its name this trail gives you access to a large waterfall among the rocks and mountain area.

8. Mueller Park Trailhead

Pathway in dark woods

Not only is this park ideal for hiking since it’s thick wooded but it also includes a small picnic area to take in the view and relax. What’s more relaxing than having a picnic in a shaded area with a clear view of Kenney Creek.


All of these Parks have spectacular views so decide what activity you want to choose. Even if you decide to take a stroll you will feel at peace with nature from the smell of the trees to the sound of the waterfalls and streams. Even public parks have guidlines so make sure to be aware and read the specified hours.