Why You Should Think About Switching To Bluetooth Headphones

By: Anthony Imperato |

Whether I’m walking through the gym, around my college campus, or simply out and about, I always see people messing with their wired headphones. They always get caught on things, become a tangled mess, or just stop working because the wires wear out. It’s amazing how something as simple as headphones can turn our everyday activities into something that resembles bizarre sports. Whether they are the headphones that come with your smartphone or a set you buy separately, all wired headphones seem present these issues of inefficiency and limited lifespan. Bluetooth headphones, on the other hand, let me enjoy my playlists and podcasts without these physical and figurative entanglements. There might not be a wide selection for sports right now, but not everyone really listen underwater or jog in the rain. With their growing rise in popularity, Bluetooth headphones have also become more affordable with increasingly more options to choose from. Here’s why you should also consider ditching the wires and making the switch to Bluetooth.

Reason 1: Saves You Time

What is more valuable than time? With normal wired headphones, I know I’m guilty (and I can guess some of you may be too) of shoving them in my pocket in a hurry and when I finally need them, they are a tangled mess. Untangling my headphones always seems to take longer than I think it will, and it becomes another task I have to work through before I can actually start using them! Whether they’re earbuds or a headset, Bluetooth headphones are more manageable. Transferring my headphones from my pocket to my ears is made seamless.

Reason 2: Meets All of Your Technology Needs

With all the new introductions and product innovations that go on every minute of every day, Bluetooth technology continues to be added to everyday items. Wireless headphones that integrate with enabled devices will soon be the norm. At the same time, companies are changing their devices’ headphone jacks as they release new products, meaning that with every update, you also have to purchase a new set of headphones to match your device. With Bluetooth headphones, you only need one pair to be able to connect to your phone, computer, tablet, or any other device. This ultimately saves you time, money, and the headache of researching and investing in new products as often.

Reason 3: Helps With Your Workout

Like many people, I listen to music when I workout. It would drive me crazy when I was right in the middle of a hard set with my tunes cranked up to get me through it, and all of a sudden my wire would get caught on something and my headphones would come off. This can happen during any activity, running, biking, even walking the dog! (By the way, if you’re looking for different ways to be active, check out our Active Cities Blog or one of our City Activity Directories) Nevertheless, catching your wires on things and having your headphones come off is a big pain! With a Bluetooth headset, this is no longer an issue.

So, as you continue to deal with the annoying features of your wired headphones, or contemplate what type of headset to purchase next, keep these simple points in mind. Once you switch to Bluetooth, you’ll never want to go back. Technology should work to make our lives easier, not more difficult. With Bluetooth headphones, you’re set and ready to tackle your next workout, commute, or whatever else life has to throw at you.