Play Parachutes Are The Perfect Toy For All Ages To Enjoy

By: Andie Burch |

You probably have some great childhood memories of playing with those big, multicolored parachutes that kids to this day still love. Whether it was in gym class, at a birthday party or in a friend’s backyard, we all know how fun these simple yet classic toys are. And even though they are mainly popular among kids, playing with parachutes is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. It’s also an easy way to work in some daily physical exercise. From throwing balls in the middle and shaking them off to running through and hiding under the chute, there are an endless amount of activities you can do. Many parachute games can also be played inside, which are great ways to be active indoors. And one of the greatest things of all about toy parachutes is they are extremely affordable. There are many sizes and options available around $20, like this top rated parachute from Play Platoon. If you have kids or are looking for creative ways to get everyone moving and having fun, this is a great option! If this idea sparks your interest, below are a couple recommended play parachutes to check out.