Pens & Push-Ups: Why You Should Invest In A Fitness Journal

By: Morgan Davies |

In the millennial age, journaling has become more of a trend than a hobby, and now the fitness world is jumping onboard. Workout logs and progress journals are on the rise for a lot of great reasons. So we checked out the “Track Your Fitness” Journal from NewMe Fitness to see what all the hype was about.

Why  Should You Journal?

The idea behind fitness journaling, in general, is to track progress while also staying motivated. Whereas online wellness and exercise resources provide information and help you set goals, fitness logs and journals promote accountability by prompting you to drought down the details of your workouts. Depending on the journal, you can also note your motivations, goals, and feelings toward each workout, so you can track how you progress both physically and mentally. Many of them also offer tips, workout ideas, food logs, training help, and more.

Why the “Track Your Fitness” Journal?

the track your fitness journal can be purchased on amazon

The nice thing about the “Track Your Fitness” Journal is that it’s compact inside and out! The notebook itself is small enough to fit in a gym bag or purse very comfortably and has a very simple, unisex design, making it easy to use. The pages are laid out so that a ton of information can be included each day, “allowing you to comprehensively log not only the structure of the workout but energy levels, future improvement ideas or current achievements,” according to one customer review.  Each entry also has a section for daily thoughts or motivations and a workout mood rating.

“Track Your Fitness” is definitely best for training or weightlifting, as it has a huge section dedicated to logging your muscle-focused exercises, and is mainly used to track reps.  However, the chart can also be easily adapted for other styles of workouts, from a squat challenge to Pilates. It’s also easy to personalize, with a section for goals and your favorite workouts. And if you’re having trouble coming up with a routine, there’s an anatomical guide to different exercises and what areas they strengthen. According to another review,  “Each page is efficient and all parts very useful. I take it to the gym with me every day.”

Altogether, it’s a very organized tool to help you start tackling your goals.