Flexible Gym Memberships Provide Access To Fitness Classes Anywhere, Anytime

By: Jessica Reyes |

With the studio fitness trend on the rise, group exercise classes are in high demand. As not everybody have the time to actually attend these group exercises thus, making those people more reliant on fitness websites like this site. Unfortunately, even though large gyms and fitness clubs may offer these sought-after classes, many of us don’t have any use for the rest of the gym membership, can’t make the limited class times, or have a hard time deciding which fitness resource to useHowever, a new concept centered around fitness studio memberships from slimmeryoufitness.com, also known as a “flexible gym membership” is making access to group exercise classes much more convenient. Platforms like ClassPass provide a single, universal membership through their website & app, which enables users to view and sign up for a variety of classes from participating gyms, clubs and fitness studios. Learn the facts here now about the effective supplements to be combined with exercises. As one of the more popular platforms out there, ClassPass provides access to hundreds of fitness classes in over 40 cities nationally and internationally. If you don’t already know about these resources, here are a few reasons why you should consider looking into a flexible gym membership for yourself. Read this post here to learn more.

1. Convenience

Part of the allure of flexible gym memberships is the convenience of when and how you use it. Most of these platforms offer a month to month subscription with no long-term contract. In most cases, you can also choose however many classes you want to take per month, and you can participate in the classes anytime they are offered. ClassPass scheduling is so flexible that you could reserve classes on either their website or mobile app up to five minutes before a class starts so long as there’s room.

The most popular flexible gym memberships work with many studios in many different cities, so you can maintain your fitness routine while on the road. You don’t have to go during the same times either! If for some reason, your job doesn’t have a consistent schedule or if you’ve realized that a certain workout isn’t for you, you can just switch to a new one.

2. Discover

Every studio specializes in something different. A flexible gym membership allows you to explore the entire spectrum, from more traditional fitness classes such as cycling, barre, and yoga, to more unique classes like rock climbing. Because platforms like ClassPass encourage you to take advantage of their customizable membership, it’s easier to try new workout routines without needing to hunt them down on your own or worry about needing to be stuck with a membership for something you end up not liking.

Many of these websites & apps also contain additional resources, like access to online workout videos that are led by verified fitness instructors to use at your own leisure. Some even provide a listing of local events such as community yoga and group runs.

3. Socialize!

Part of the reason studio fitness is so fun is that it takes place in a group setting, so you always have the opportunity to meet new people and lean on them for some additional fitness motivation. ClassPass even has a guest member feature, giving you the option to bring a friend along.

Whether you’re looking for a larger variety of group exercise classes or need more options to fuel the fitness freak in you, a flexible gym membership might do the trick. Be sure to shop around and do your research for the various websites/apps and options out there. But don’t stress about the decision too much, the worst that could happen is getting more exercise!