5 Most Exciting Places To Go Whitewater Rafting Near You

By: Christina Enriquez

Do you ever have the urge to try something new and exciting?  Just taking your RV along with the RV covers in its back and heading down the big wide road, looking out for the next big adventure. White water rafting might just be what you are looking for! What sounds better than adrenaline rushing through your veins you as each wave crashes, smiling from ear to ear. Not only is it exhilarating, but what beats being a part of nature? Picture it now veins pumping as you enjoy your scenic view though the waters. Teamwork is often times required, which makes this the perfect opportunity to get away with the family or a group of friends.  Here are a few places near you that will make your adventure planning so much easier!

1. Geo Tours Whitewater Raft Trips

Located in Morris Colorado just 20 minutes from Denver. All you need to do is show up ready to have the experience of a lifetime. They pride themselves on being a small company, therefore allowing the experience to be more personalized leaving no room for disappointment! There are 3 different rivers you can choose from, Arkansas River, Clear Creek River and Upper Colorado River.

2. All American Rafting

Located less than an hour outside of Denver, All-American Adventures in Idaho Springs offers beginner to expert level whitewater rafting trips. The family whitewater raft trip costs $50 per person, includes all the gear you’ll need.


3. Clear Creek Rafting Company

Clear Creek is a steep, narrow, river that is both challenging and fun offering more convenience for everyone. An added bonus is they will document you experience taking videos and pictures all inclusive so it can truly be an experience you’ll never forget. Clear Creek is immersed in a historic mining valley where beautiful Colorado scenery complements your exciting whitewater adventure. In some instances if you keep a sharpe eye out may spot muskrat, beaver, deer, bighorn sheep, or even an occasional bear or mountain lion!


4. AVA Rafting  

This place is perfect for beginners or frequent flyers! What’s so great about AVA is that there’s so much variety. They have so much you can pack into one day you’ll be begging to stay longer. Not only do they have amazing whitewater rafting but they also offer a wide variety of other Colorado adventures such as horseback riding, zip lining, and rock climbing and 72 hour hiking tours for those who can’t get enough of nature. 

5. Mountain White Water

Conveniently located only about 80 minutes from Denver and Estes Park, the Poudre offers some of the most exciting whitewater rafting in the state. The river starts in the snow-capped peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park,  Colorado’s first and only designated National Wild and Scenic River. You get a thrilling whitewater rafting experience in a pristine and protected environment. One of the unique packages they offer is a two day rafting trip where they set up camp including everything from tents to food!

Now that you have all the information you need to start this amazing journey there’s nothing stopping you. That’s right no excuses, it’s time to get in your car and head out on a wild ride that you’ll never forget! Some would say adding some adventure in your life has some added benefits, so leave the stress at work and let all your worries float down the river as you scream with joy.