10 Fun Ways (in GIFs) To Be Active With Your Dog

Most everyone has a fitness inspiration. Whether it’s Jillian Michael’s uplifting one-liners, or Kobe Bryant’s agility on the court, we all admire someone’s relentless drive.

But as it turns out, one of the best fitness motivators is probably panting at your feet. Toss a ball and your pup is off scrambling like tenacious as a NFL receiver! We have a lot to learn from our four-legged friends. Here are ten fun tips from your in-house trainer that never breaks a sweat!

1. Take him on the water.


Paddleboarding is a hot pastime recently. Why not try it with your pup?

2. Enlist his help with some yard work.


Even though your little helper may not be a lot of help.

3. Turn him loose in the backyard.


Leaf piles will make his backyard rampage that much more fun for him, and much more entertaining for you.

4. Take him to a local sporting event.


Just don’t let him storm the field to go fetch.

5. Experiment with Doga.


Time to reevaluate the downward dog as you balance with your pooch.

6. Take him for a stroll down the street.


Just make sure you are equipped with a good set of brakes.

7. Or, a good old-fashioned jog through the neighborhood.


Just try not to let it end in a sidewalk slip.

8. Let him do some landscaping.


He may not have thumbs, but his paws will come home green.

9. Take him sled riding.


Your make shift version of Snow Dogs— MUSH!

10. Or, just let him do his own thing.


If all else fails, let him take the reigns.