This Hammock Company Is Making It More Affordable For People To Connect With The Outdoors

By: Cody Bajet |

If you don’t own one yourself, you probably know someone or have at least seen the popular portable hammocks that are easily strung up between trees, beams and other vertical objects. What was once viewed as a trendy product, has since solidified itself into our everyday recreational activities like camping, hiking and park visits. Up to this point, people would shell out between $50 and $60 for a trusted brand name product. But with the rise in popularity of portable hammocks, one company in particular is establishing itself as a major player, offering their product for nearly half the cost.

Bear Butt, a Utah-based company formed in 2015, offers an appealing product line of colorful and fun-print hammocks. They also offer a variety of accessories including mounting straps & carabiners, rain flys and bug nets. Bear Butt boasts their products match the quality of their competitors, and they come with a lifetime warranty. With the dramatic rise in popularity of these types of hammocks in recent years, it makes sense a company like Bear Butt would step up to the competition. There are many options out there for travel or recreational hammocks, but if you’re looking for a popular product that is affordable and promises to hold up to it’s name, you should definitely check out this company’s product line.