Plogging: the new trend to meet more than your fitness goal

By: Abigail Safago |

In today’s day and age, many of us are trying to meet our personal fitness goals as soon as possible or to get the best results possible. Many of us are also becoming more environmentally conscious and appreciative of the trails we take. A new Swedish trend called “Plogging” has hit the ground running  in the United States might be the perfect mix for both worlds to come together. By being a part of this foreign trend, you are bound to meet much more than a daily fitness goal.

What is Plogging?

Plogging, a term and trend coined by the Swedes, is a new fitness trend that helps the environment.

The name comes from the Swedish phrase plocka upp, which means “pick up”, combined with the word jogging.

Together, the act of plogging is picking up litter or trash while on a jog or run. It has become incredibly popular in Sweden, and found traction here in the US. It’s super easy to get into and super simple to do!

Why should you ‘Plog’?

Pictured: A group of four come together to pick up trash while staying active.

You and anyone looking to hit the streets [or trails] should consider doing this. It doesn’t take much effort, and in the long run, you impact the environment in a positive way by joining in. While you meet your personal fitness goals or while you just enjoy the weather outside, each piece you pick up and properly recycle or compost has positive influence!

Other than reducing your personal carbon footprint as well as boosting sustainability, it also leads as a great example for others. When people see good actions, they tend to follow them. This is also a great influence for younger generations to see and remember. The future adventurers and athletes are looking for someone to look up to, so why not have a plogger as an idol?

How can I start?

Plogging is as easy as it is to say. If you aren’t prepared and you left the house without gear, have no fear!

If you’re just wearing basic running gear like shorts or leggings, you’ve got a start. A common thing that some ploggers do it put bottles (plastic or other) they find while on their jogs and they tuck them into their waistband. This works really well if you wear spandex like materials, that stretch well so that you can be comfortable!

If you do want to be a bit more prepared, many active ploggers bring bags with them or use fanny packs. If you choose to use a bag, it’s suggested you use one you’ve used previously (to recycle it), use a biodegradable bag, or a cloth sack will do like a cross-back gym bag. Alternatively, if you opt for the smaller size and plan on picking up smaller litter like cigarette butts or candy wrappers, a fanny pack is the perfect match for you!

Ways to make plogs more fun

You can bring friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, even your dog on your plogs. Plus, with litter being all around, you can do this on any landscape; whether it be beaches, city streets, or wooded trails- the help is appreciated.

Plus, to make your plogs more fun or just to have a better map so you can change your route next time, channel your inner artiste by doing GPS art. This is a fun way to get active if you’re looking for a reason to.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your move on your next walk, run, or plog.